Thursday, 29 December 2011


Welcome to my blog.
The title of my blog says it all, I'll be doing reviews of the anime that come out every season. Most likely it'll be episodic reviews but I might do full series reviews. It should really be called discussions since i'll be talking about the episode but the word review is shorter.

So, a little about myself... I won't give you many of my personal details, just that I live in the UK, England and I am studying at university. And of course, I am a big anime fan.

I am currently studying at university as I have already said. It is very important to either do well and get a career or find another way to earn money. So without having money... if I don't write on the blog for a while, then I am busy with university. I'll write when I can but I guess, at most it'll be 3 days after the episode has been released on the Internet.

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