Saturday, 29 December 2012

Uchuu Kyoudai episode 38 discussion

Episode 37 discussion can be viewed here

Mutta's gets to the press conference and meets a few that didn't make it. I don't really care for these characters as they have gotten the required screen time. Mizoguchi acknowledged his failure in the previous episode and showing his support for Mutta, I can at least say that I don't hate him. The only thing I take from this scene is who JAXA could have chosen instead. Mutta is now there to represent himself and everyone who failed just like every other successful candidate.

I loved Mutta's entrance into the press conference with all of them standing in front of the cameras. Summing up his feelings as grateful is a nicer way to put it than simply happy. He had so many others helping him through his life that he wouldn't be where he is without them. Pointing up to his brother was especially great for the press because Hibito being on the moon already proves to be perfect motivation. While grateful is a safe answer, the answer that would have been perfect is ya~y, but Mutta is not like Hibito in that way.

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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Sword Art Online episode 25 discussion

Episode 24 discussion can be viewed here

It was bad enough to see how Nobuyuki was so weak in the previous episode, there's no difference in this episode. I wish he had at least tried to kill Kirito properly. His right eye and depth perception screws up his attacks, but he had more than enough chances to deal a final blow. The first attack with the element of surprise especially could have been fatal if Nobuyuki wasn't bent on revenge. And of course, Kirito should have killed him. He had already brutally wounded him in ALO so hurting him in real life would be along the same lines.

I prefer the reunion in the previous episode before Nobuyuki ruined it. Real life doesn't have Yui and it is the second time they reunite. It is nice to see them continue into a school for SAO players and then onto an after party. It gave us the chance to meet all the old characters from part 1.

The series ended well by allowing normal people create their own games using the seed. It leaves it open for another season which I know there are light novels left to animate. I did enjoy ALO, but it would have been far better if the series had ended when SAO had finished. SAO always had that, if you die in the game, you die in real life. ALO only had Kirito rushing to save Asuna. Comparing both parts, ALO caused me to lower my score.

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Monday, 24 December 2012

Zetsuen no Tempest episode 12 discussion

Episode 11 discussion can be viewed here

Currently, the suspect for Aika's murder is either Genesis or Zetsuen using a third party to commit the crime. Genesis doesn't seem like the type to kill for the sake of Hakaze because in the worst case scenario, she came back after a missile came from the sky. It was annoying how she was just given the offering, but at that point, she had everything important figured out. Receiving it any earlier would mean less knowledge than she currently has, but getting back to mainland two years ago doesn't seem like a bad idea. Genesis was still sleeping at that point and only revived because of Zetsuen.

I mentioned a theory of how Aika could have killed herself. I keep forgetting about the parents and how they also died. Since Mahiro is so focused on his sister, there is a chance his parents actually died differently to her and that could reveal the final piece of the puzzle. Marth thought it was possible for Aika to be the mage of Zetsuen which got me to thinking that the mage is not necessarily controlled by the tree. I believe Hakaze could choose to leave Genesis and start an evil life just as the mage of Zetsuen could choose to live a good life. It's harder in Zetsuen's case because it is suppose to only bring destruction. So I think Aika could have killed herself to save the world.

I don't understand completely why Yoshino and Mahiro were attacked by Genesis. I can accept that once they are deemed no longer useful or a danger to itself, it would be a good idea to remove them, but Yoshino especially could be helpful in the future. While Hakaze and Samon are healing them, it will prevent them from stopping the revival which is important now that Zetsuen has also revived.

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Saturday, 22 December 2012

Uchuu Kyoudai episode 37 discussion

Episode 36 discussion can be viewed here

I didn't like Mizoguchi's backstory and I'm happy he wasn't selected as an astronaut. He's a strong leader and shows he can take on a lot of responsibility, but without the ability to rely on others, he'd be the only one to do the work. He seems task focused which means without a good relationship with others and access to their honest opinions, he has the possibility of completing his work at a lower standard. Maybe his ideas really are great and no one actually needs to question him. His suggestions were always logical, but there is no perfect system when completing a task.

It would have been cruel if Hoshika had called Mutta out only to tell him he had failed. We all knew he was going to pass some way or another and having used the phone to tell Mizoguchi he had failed, calling Mutta out was a positive sign. I assumed he recognised Hoshika because of all the flashbacks we were shown, but this gives us closure on their relationship.

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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Prunus Girl Manga Review

bIuecrimson here

Prunus trees commonly bear stone fruit such as cherries. This is reminiscent of the first chapter where Maki met Aikawa amongst the falling cherry blossom, but other than how they met, I can't see how the title has any significance to the rest of the manga.

Prunus Girl is a weird gender bender in which we are told that Aikawa is male, but there is still the mystery about whether he really is or not. The manga focuses on the school life of Aikawa and Maki. Aikawa is very playful in everything he does and just wants to have fun. He takes potential situations with Maki and makes them sexual because it's more fun that way. Maki on the other hand is more relaxed and seems to just go along with Aikawa because they became friends.

Overall the art stays strong as each chapter passes and where it counts, it is really amazing, then simplifying the style when it is no longer necessary. My only problem is when the art is showing a character's disgust as it's simply ugly in comparison to the rest of the art. It's not something that would deter me from continuing to read it or recommending it to others, mainly because it's short term and quickly returns to the better style.

Aikawa stating that he is male and still managing to achieve a strong bond with Maki shows that gender doesn't matter. They might not take their relationship further, but throughout the manga, they continue to stay friends. His actual gender is unknown and I hope it's not revealed as it will probably ruin the mystery aspect and how Maki accepts him.

I reccomend you at least give it a try.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Sword Art Online episode 24 discussion

Episode 23 discussion can be viewed here

Kirito essentially murdered Nobuyuki and was pretty brutal when going about it. It takes away from the beautiful reunion of Asuna, Kirito and Yui. Nobuyuki has no skills when fighting so he relies completely on the system and when stripped of his God like powers, he's forced to fight against a hardcore gamer under the fear he himself used. He really is a pathetic villain, Kayaba was much more interesting. Kayaba did have more character development through Heathcliff and while he also relied on the system, he at least knew how to fight when going against Kirito in the final battle. But lets not forget he let so many people die even if he seems like a good guy now.

The final battle over, I wonder what's going to happen with only one episode left. Going to visit Asuna is obvious and there is the seed he received from Kayaba's afterimage. It will probably be a new game for new adventures. I know there are novels not yet animated so it means we might get another season for the series.

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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Zetsuen no Tempest episode 11 discussion

Episode 10 discussion can be viewed here

This episode answers the main questions I've had up until now. Before, it didn't explain why Hakaze thought the murderer was from the clan, but thanks to Junichirou, he explained how killing someone will prevent the magician from using magic unless they perform a special ritual to ask for forgiveness. So inspecting the crime scene revealed no trail to the killer which led Hakaze to believe a clan member was forgiven by the tree.

As it's not  a clan member the next logical answer is a magician favoured by a tree. They believe it's possible for a magician of Zetsuen to exist, but Genesis favouring a magician so that they aren't caught isn't out of the question. Another possibility is suicide which would probably be missed by Hakaze and I'm I guess Genesis ignores it too. No matter how many times I saw Aika's dead body, I always thought it was a little too artistic to be murder. Everything happens for a reason and if this is the case, I wonder what Aika's reason is.

The other question I had was about how magic was going to help Hakaze get off the island. I already knew her bones would be left there, but I couldn't get an understanding of how magic worked at that point. The latest understanding of magic was essentially defence and I kind of just ignored their communication. Instead of a voice and a doll, it becomes her flesh and the barrel which means destroying the barrel as I had previously thought turns out to be the wrong answer.

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Saturday, 15 December 2012

Uchuu Kyoudai episode 36 discussion

Episode 35 discussion can be viewed here

I preferred Serika's back story over Kenji's. While his was was enjoyable and filled with working hard for a newly discovered dream, Serika had a nice mix of happy and sad feelings. When they find out the disease is incurable, she shows her pain of not knowing how to properly cope with her father hospitalised. By the end, she managed to grow stronger fully understanding her dream to go to space in memory of her father. Maybe the diary helped her get through it better as it's a good form of communication.

I can't say she deserves it more than Kenji because of her addiction to food, but she had the determination to fulfil her dream for her father. She has the skills required to be an astronaut with the added bonus of being a doctor so she does win there. Now only Mutta needs his confirmation for Hoshika's prediction to be proven true.

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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Sword Art Online episode 23 discussion

Episode 22 discussion can be viewed here

Although I disliked the previous episode and how Suguha found out about who Kirito is, I liked this episode more when they fought like a typical shounen anime to create bonds. All is good and Suguha is happy enough with her position to fight along side Kirito. Now that Recon confessed his feelings, she can fall in love with him instead but, he still sacrificed himself pointlessly. No matter how helpful he thought it was, at best it gave Kirito a little longer till the alliance arrived, but it's their own fault for rushing the quest.

The Sylph and Cait Sith alliance arrived just as expected and too late to save Recon. Kirito manages to pass the enemies to the top of the world tree only to find it's locked by the administrators. A supposedly unbeatable quest is one thing, but to prevent the successful players from completing the game would likely cause an uproar. But they could probably get away with a half assed excuse like they completed the quest incorrectly.

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Sunday, 9 December 2012

Zetsuen no Tempest episode 10 discussion

Episode 9 discussion can be viewed here

We have confirmation the barrels are the same, so Yoshino could still threaten Samon with destroying Hakaze's barrel to create a paradox. Samon managed to prove they are two years apart and also in the same universe, but even he would want to avoid causing a paradox. It depends if the barrel is really required to bring her back, but destroying her only way to escape could make the tree of Genesis grant an extra special privilege.

Evangeline's fight is disapointing and pretty basic after seeing how well Yoshino is fighting. Checking the manga, most of it has been skipped and she actually fights far better. I don't think the anime will show her fight now that Junichirou has entered, but I liked it more in the manga because it showed her skills. She uses a thinner barrier at just the tip of the spear which makes the talisman last longer. She even switches weapons to switch things up. It isn't important to the story so in the end, it doesn't matter that they skipped it.

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Friday, 7 December 2012

Uchuu Kyoudai episode 35 discussion

Episode 34 discussion can be viewed here

Yay Kenji. The backstory suggested he might not pass, but we have confirmation. I am happy to see him pass because he really does deserve it. He always presents himself well with a positive light and didn't change even in the closed box. He is perfect as a team leader and could very well lead the expedition to Mars or any other space exploration.

We get to learn more about Kenji and his back story. I didn't expect Kenji to be in such a dull job. The uniform seems restricting and makes everyone blend in with each other removing all individuality. Enjoying his job is good and research can be fun work, I enjoy using datasheets like Microsoft Excel for data analysis, but thinking about doing the same job for eight years sounds very demotivating. A strong but difficult dream like space works well to increase motivation.

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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Sword Art Online episode 22 discussion

Episode 21 discussion can be viewed here

Even an invisible wall isn't enough to tell Kirito something is impossible, but the only way up is through the tree. He was doing so well against the guardians of the tree that only arrows caused him to fail. It's the same with the fight against the Salamanders and how only the magic and their teamwork put him at a disadvantage. It is kind of normal to see how reckless he gets when he gets really desperate. It's not something he can do alone and should have waited for backup. He gave a lot of money to the Sylph and Cait Sith alliance so I expected them to help him. He still hasn't died properly since he was resurrected, so I'm unsure if his Nerve Gear is still programed to kill him after he's dead longer than a certain time.

I knew Kirito would be revealed to Suguha eventually, but it pretty much takes away from how well the first part built up the episode. While I disliked how they did the reveal, I can't see any better way for them to do it. I think the only good thing is how it prevents Kirito from immediately trying to conquer the tree again.

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Sunday, 2 December 2012

Zetsuen no Tempest episode 9 discussion

Episode 8 discussion can be viewed here

So with this episode, Hakaze really is on an island 2 years ago and there's no hope for her, but we don't want it to end like this. So, let's create a paradox. Destroy the barrel. We could have Hakaze break her bones, but that's going a bit too far when she doesn't have magic to heal herself. Assuming the barrel really is the same one, destroying the barrel would either cause some kind of paradox or prove it's not the same barrel. According to Samon it is the same barrel, so let's see them break it and cause a paradox. It would be even better if the proved it was the same barrel and then destroyed it.

While a paradox would be a fun way to escape the island, I'm unsure how paradoxes really work. They're usually set up as a mental barrier to prevent interference with the past and so it could be dangerous with an unknown outcome. Instead of a paradox, the only other way would be a time machine. To keep the time line the same, the only items required in the present are her bones and the barrel. The barrel is simple enough to just leave alone, but I'll wait and see how she takes care of the bones.

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Saturday, 1 December 2012

Uchuu Kyoudai episode 34 discussion

Episode 33 discussion can be viewed here

If they're showing signs of Hibito discovering the UFO, I'm hoping they go with it properly. In fact, the whole of Hibito's journey was too visit the moon to check for the UFO. He should properly do his job as an astronaut, but leaving to check on a sparkle wouldn't be so bad. The only thing is how special he is made out to be when only he noticed the first UFO and sparkle on the moon.

Silly Mutta, thinking luck exists for such simple things. If draining his luck is such a big deal, then he should just stay in his house till the astronaut exam results. Then he can hug Apo to absorb all the luck he needs and Serika can get jealous too. It's not like 6th prize is really worth anything. In my eyes, it's more unlucky because carrying the prize home is more troublesome compared to it's monetary value. I think he should have at least won third or second prize.

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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Sword Art Online episode 21 discussion

Episode 20 discussion can be viewed here

The scientists could have chosen to be fairies, but they chose to be tentacle monsters. In fact, there is no reason not to be fairies unless they like that kind of thing. It can't be because they like being the bad guy because none of the other players will see them. With Asuna's scene, it continues to show just how far ALO is willing to go. The only thing is, she thinks she can save the other 300 players. Telling the authorities might have a team set to save them, but Nobuyuki would have a fail safe to delete or set everyone free depending how merciful he is.

So I wonder how Kirito will beat the system this time. With the barrier and the limited flying power, he can't possibly get to the top of the tree. So the first scene next episode should have him falling to his first death. Well it's not like an invisible wall is enough to stop him from trying.

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Monday, 26 November 2012

Zetsuen no Tempest episode 8 discussion

Episode 7 discussion can be viewed here

So after reading some of the manga, the main difference I can see is Mahiro's kindness. He's still out to avenge his sister, but he hasn't shown any real kindness like in the anime. The whole flashback in episode 4 isn't in the manga and he didn't give any kind of offering to the dead. It's the same with episode 6, Mahiro doesn't leave the talisman because Yoshino wasn't kidnapped so he didn't have the chance test his friendship. It might be that the manga never gave Mahiro the chance to be the good guy, but the manga portrays him purely as avenging his sister. I prefer it this way as the random acts of kindness seemed wrong for his character.

Back to episode 8, Hakaze's plan is pretty simple. Threaten Samon and hope to be brought back to the future. She was so confident because the thought of being dead was so impossible, but as it turns out, she really is dead in the present. Although she is alive in the past, she's dead in the present. So it's very likely she would still die within the two years. As long as she obeys the laws of time, she can come back somehow.

Having the tree of Zetsuen revive to fight the tree of Genesis is reckless. If Genesis is willing to cause many deaths because of the revival of Zetsuen, it would only get worse when it is actually revived. But if the iron syndrome is caused by Genesis, what is the real offering to Zetsuen? I can only see it as a similar civilisation offering. Maybe they aren't polar opposites, but rivals even though Zetsuen has always been made out to be evil.

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Saturday, 24 November 2012

Uchuu Kyoudai episode 33 discussion

Episode 32 discussion can be viewed here

Hibito had the perfect chance to inspire future generations to have an interest in space and he chose to say "Ya~y" as he obviously enjoyed himself. It's kind of self compared to Neil Armstrong's "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." That quote managed to link everyone to that single moment showing anything is possible if you set your mind to it. Yay is not inspirational in the same way as Neil Armstrong was, but it was perfect for his character and shows simply happiness. Hibito just wants to enjoy himself.

Although the quote wasn't inspirational, it was at least good for comedy and he became a bunny.

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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Sword Art Online episode 20 discussion

Episode 19 discussion can be viewed here

So Kirito's dual blade skill is back even after everything supposedly corrupted in the first episode of entering ALO. I thought that would mean he'd not be able to wield two weapons again, but I guess it just means he doesn't have the system to support him. He still seemed over powered, but that was because he had the element of surprise. Despite him being over powered, I still really enjoyed the fight. He's really making a name for himself and Nobuyuki must have noticed him by now. I think showing off and increasing his harem is his top priority right now.

Asuna is actually trying to escape. Completely unexpected when she has no weapons and probably no wings. She can have a little hope until Nobuyuki takes her back to the cage. The only possible thing I think she can do outside the cage is find the other 300 players who are under human experiments. Other than that, I don't know what she could do. It's not like she'll be able to enter the battlefield with Kirito.

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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Zetsuen no Tempest episode 7 discussion

Episode 6 discussion can be viewed here

Mahiro really doesn't understand love, but he know's he has an interest in Aika. I wonder if Aika or Yoshino had explained his feelings, would they have ended up in a relationship or would he brush them off as something else. Yoshino and Aika would probably have broken up since I see their relationship as a way for Aika to experience love only because it's impossible to meet boys under Mahiro's protection. It's also very exciting to go behind Mahiro's back.

How could she not have a boyfriend?

Yoshino and Aika tried so hard to get their first kiss, but Mahiro went and ruined. Then Aika decided to call it off. Now I'm not sure if they've had their first kiss. Aika might really be an evil temptress who's cast her spell on Yoshino. Mahiro is easy to understand as he himself and his life is straight forward. He was a rich boy and had no friends because of his parents and that must have led him to pretty much giving up on anything he deemed unimportant. Aika however understands the situation far better than even Yoshino and Mahiro. Even with the same education as Mahiro, knowing the situation so well is too suspicious.

Evil temptress
Sunflowers are watching

I've read in forums about the anime being different to the original manga so I'm planning to start reading the manga up to where I am in the anime. This way, I'll still be able to theorise when the anime airs, but I get to see any major changes they made to the story.

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Saturday, 17 November 2012

Uchuu Kyoudai episode 32 discussion

Episode 31 discussion can be viewed here

Being able to see Hibito continue his journey to the moon and how he's recording himself with the other members makes it more realistic to the real world. The camera gives them a nice slice of life feeling and a link back to Earth. The launch would be popular in the news leading up to and after the success of landing on the moon. After that the only reason they'd need screen time is for when they make any relatively important discoveries on the moon.

Linked to Earth

We learn about Azuma's feelings about being an astronaut and why Hibito was allowed to go first. Azuma had already gone into space and if he had wanted to, he would have easily received the place later given to Hibito. Azuma is very reserved and seems to desire a simple life without too much celebrity status. It makes sense that he wouldn't be able to cope with the pressure of making mistakes. He is easily happiest whenever with the ones he loves. All of his answers are simple and to the point as if he wants to escape from them as quickly as possible. He must have known his family would also be included in his fame, but he will always be able to protect them.

Smiling Azuma

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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Sword Art Online episode 19 discussion

Episode 18 discussion can be viewed here

I had the idea that Kirito's illusion ability would be to transform into another race or at most a monster similar to his size. He seems overpowered again, but no one is questioning it so it must be normal. Leafa was a little hesitant, but I see that more as something she has never seen before and is unsure about the outcome. Kirito was so into the battle, I thought he could even lose his mind to the beast. SAO left him with a strong desire to live, and with reflexes it would be a lot easier than concentrating on the battle. He did bite Leafa's hand so maybe he lost his common sense.

Help papa
Demon Kirito

Now Kirito also has the ALO world to save along with Asuna. It wouldn't be a bad idea for him to join up with the Salamanders, but leaving Leafa isn't something he would do. Well, as long as someone beats the game, similar to SAO, everyone should recieve the ability to log out. This is assuming the code is working properly because although the game will be "finished", it doesn't mean the event will work the same as last time.

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Monday, 12 November 2012

Zetsuen no Tempest episode 6 discussion

Episode 5 discussion can be viewed here

Junichiro identifies the bones by the nicely shaped skull and that's not something Samon could replicate if Junichiro kept quiet about his interest. If Hakaze really did die, the tree of Genesis would most likely choose another mage to grant devine protection to. This is also a likely scenario if  for some reason Hakaze betrayed the tree. As Hakaze is not technically dead on the island, she has the possibility to escape even though she's identified as dead on the mainland. I think she could be in a closed off space, but that doesn't explain how the bottle managed to get to Mahiro. Assuming Samon isn't lying, he had the bones collected and believes she's dead himself, but after the mages talked to her in the aquarium, he must be setting up counter measures just in case.

Hakaze's skeleton

I guess Mahiro's one kind act in episode 4 wasn't a one time thing after all. While I didn't think he'd just leave Yoshino to be kidnapped, I didn't expect him to leave everything for Yoshino. Maybe he can't bare to lose his only "trustworthy" friend. At least this will be the case until he finds out who Aika's boyfriend is. It's been confirmed that Mahiro and Aika aren't blood related so a relationship was possible and while Aika was willing, Mahiro obviously wasn't. I was so sure he wanted a relationship and with Aika's offer, it's strange for her to end up with Yoshino.

Aika's offer

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