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Ano Natsu de Materru episode 2 discussion

Episode 1 discussion can be viewed here

It was obvious but Ichika is an alien. But my problem is, why are they always human or human like figures. If I think of an alien, I think of an Eldritch Abomination even if it wouldn't work in a romantic comedy (I think I've seen too many thrillers). Instead she had the same human form when she was inside her ship. From being stared at on the train in the first episode, I assumed she had taken on the form of a human and made a mistake on the hair colour.

In the first scene we see Ichika's side of the UFO crash. It was an accident caused by space debris. I'm unsure how many times NASA has sent something into space but I'm sure it's there fault for all the space debris. Thanks to detecting life she saved Kaito's life. However, I wonder how many animals were killed in that crash. I guess human life is more important.

Inside the spaceship

After the opening credits, we get to see where the previous episode left off. Both Ichika and Kaito are explaining what happened. It's funny how she explains it in a way only she understands then quickly changes it to human understanding. She even clearly stated she's came from her planet but changed that to homeland. Although they think her parents died, I think she might have run away from home. But her objective is clearly to find a certain place.

It is cute to see her call Kaito's sister Onee-chan-san which is probably taken as one of her strange traits. It's similar to how her cooking is just not right together. Rinon has some explanation in this episode. It's the hull of her ship or maybe the control panel. It has such a cute form and makes an appearance during the drunk scene. It's lucky they were drunk or things might have been exposed.

They see the sister off before going clothes shopping. They would be home alone when they get back if it wasn't for their friends. Lemon and everyone else have come because of Kanna's doubt and to discuss the film. She proposes the script that's been in her head for 20 years. Assuming the subtitles are correct she really is a mysterious one. In fact with this and her actions in the first episode, I consider her an anomaly. We don't know the characters back stories, but maybe she's also an alien like Ichika.

Acting innocent she was able to trick everyone into drinking an alcoholic drink. The genius loli is actually a scheming sadist. Even her laugh is cute. She even got everyone to play the kings game. She tried to have fun till the end but it was called off. We got to see some nice poses and something close to yuri. I think she's officially my favourite character. I hope for more awesome schemes later in the series.

This is the beginning of a wonderful relationship

But my favourite scene between Kaito and Ichika is at the very end. The way they act after the healing session is really nicely done. Sorry Kanna, the competition is too strong.

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