Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! episode 2 discussion

Episode 1 discussion can be viewed here

I'll ignore the shower scene and Sora's wish of "growing up".

My opinion of Yuuta went down this episode. He should have let Hina win the game. But dumb shounen boys never learn. If they can't understand a child's heart, they will never understand a girl's heart.

Teary eyed Hina is too cute. I have a strong impulse to protect her.

The episode did have some nice tsundere action. The relationship between Yuuta and Sora started off on shaky grounds but actually became quite stable. Her reaction to Miu asking about a girlfriend is just too obvious. Her small dace routine explaining her shower was especially cute. She'll have more nice development later in the series but I'm unsure whether she'll be chosen. Being his niece but not being blood related would probably still be difficult.

Raika didn't show up in this episode so I hope she will be in the next episode. Even if it is for a short time, I want her to stop by at least once. She is one of the love interests so she needs some screen time.

The highlight for me was deffinitely the Engrish. I'm not able to pronounce Japanese words well so I understand how hard it is for a Japanese person to pronounce English words. But singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star was totally unexpected and made my day.

After such a cute scene, tragedy happens. The plane with Yuri and her husband disappeared and they are presumed dead. As the relatives wouldn't be able to look after all three of them together, their only option is to split them up. The emotions were really strong. First they lost their parents and then they would be split up as well. As children they have no say leaving them helpless.


Yuuta having been through this experience, but having his sister raise him, he knows exactly how it feels. Without a second thought, he takes them all in, family must stay together. Taking them all in, he is likely to get financial support from the relatives. He may also get a part time job to support them even further but the important thing is they are still together.

Rescued by Yuuta
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