Monday, 2 January 2012

Rinne no Lagrange episode 1 discussion

Kyouno Madoka is a 17-year-old girl, who loves her home town Kamogawa and likes to help people in trouble. She rides a robot called Woks in her jersey wear and fights against aliens. (Source: MAL)

Madoka has a really energetic personality. It's obvious she lives her life to the fullest and enjoys it. She's willing to help out in any situation. Even in the first seen we get to see her save a girl from drowning. She's part of the sweats club which I assume is for other students to come to for various jobs. Her diary is fully booked showing just how hard she works. In this episode we see her working with the film, kendo, tennis and baseball clubs.

I don't hate anime with fan service but almost all of the time i find it pointless and is there just for eye candy. They do give a reason for stripping her and showing her panties but the shower scene was there for show. The cousin was clearly looking for something that relates to riding a robot which Madoka feels pain in that area when she touches the robot. In the next episode I hope to see what she was looking for.

Kyouno Madoka - panties

When she touches the robot, it cuts away to what I think is a memory. I think this because she looks younger. Her hair is shorter and the body isn't developed yet. So she might have had some experience with using the robot before.

Kyouno Madoka - memory

When she gets into the robot it's on remote control, but of course Madoka having main character status, she is automatically better. Even the robot assigned to her is said to hold immense power. It's normal to see this sort of thing in anime, but I hope it plays off nicely and isn't boring. She managed to take control just by wishing it and uses her skills from kendo to win the battle.

Her catchphrase "perfect" is really cute and perfect for her personality. It's great for when everything goes your way.

Overall I enjoyed the episode and see real potential. I'll definitely be watching episode 2.

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