Monday, 23 January 2012

Rinne no Lagrange episode 3 discussion

Episode 2 discussion can be viewed here

I'm unsure what happened to the first enemy, Madoka ditched him in order to fight the new one. For some reason they didn't team up on her. At some point he'll have gone underwater for when Lan came out to fight.

Madoka tried to catch the sword twice and failed both times. But after getting knocked down the first time, he communicates with her. He made it clear that they aren't there to harm people. But this just brings up the question of why they are there. They knew they'd have to fight if they came to Earth, but that just means their objectives are worth fighting over. Even if they aren't there to harm people, they are willing to fight the Ovids.

I don't see how using wire on an Ovid could possibly lead to a positive outcome. If she had at least used her arms, it would have done some damage. Or she could have used the same finishing move as the first episode.

Lan uses the Vox Rympha to help Madoka even though she knew she wouldn't be of much use. This is probably because she felt guilty by pushing the legend onto Madoka. Madoka assures her she is fighting because she wants the finish a job she started. Lan looked really cute in this scene, her blush is weak on light skin, but she is an alien, even if that has nothing to do with it.

OMG, Lan has emotions

Madoka's words help her to get over her problems and the Vox System activates. Her timing was perfect, she grabbed the sword where Madoka failed twice. I expected Madoka to finally grab the sword but this outcome is even better.

Third times the charm

With both Vox systems activated, the enemy retreats. It isn't unrealistic that they retreated, but they should have had the upper hand. Lan had only just activated and Madoka was in a weakened position.

After the battle, they give their Ovid's names. Midori, or Green, is a simple name and is based on the colour of the Ovid. But I'm unsure what Orca is. A whale maybe...?

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Anonymous said... [reply]

Orca is what we commonly know as the Killer Whale (See Free Willy).

Personally, I'm greatly enjoying this series can pretty much guess one of the reasons why based on my blog's slogan.

The other reason I really like this show so far is because the protagonists are awesome and will hopefully not fall into the cliche melodramatic stuff. All I want from a mecha show is likable protagonists, awesome mecha battles and in this show's case, lovely yuri subtext (Hopefully canon).

As long as I continue receiving these, then this will be the 1st mecha cartoon I've REALLY enjoyed watching since Megas XLR. The ONLY other mecha cartoon that came close to being awesome (But was shamefully cancelled) was Sym-Bionic Titan.

EcchiCatgirl said... [reply]


i read on MAL that there won't be any romance.

this might mean it's more story based but it will be a real shame if they cut out all romance.

even normal romance would be a good addition to the series.

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