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Senki Zesshou Symphogear episode 3 discussion

Episode 2 discussion can be viewed here

2 months have passed and Hibiki and Tsubasa are unable to work together still. The reasons are because Hibiki can't use Kanade's weapon and because Tsubasa is probably still reluctant. 2 months earlier, or right after the previous episode, Tsubasa did one of her major attacks. If Genjurou didn't intervene, Hibiki might not have survived. But the interesting thing is, he can stop a full on attack like it's nothing. As the leader, he had brains but with this scene, he has brawn as well.

The power of Genjurou

I know Hibiki wants to help, but saying she'll replace Kanade was not the best idea. To her, it simply means to be a team member and fight the noise. But to Tsubasa, Kanade was more than just a team member, she was more likely her lover. So Hibiki really deserved something much more than that slap. In a situation like that, I'd be surprised if she wasn't crying. The burst water pipe works really well in representing her emotions.

We get to see Kanade's final moments, it really changed Tsubasa. She constantly states that she is an emotionless weapon simply to fight. Even if she tries to cut off her emotions, she will never forget Kanade.

Ryoko bites Hibiki's ear. I knew she had an interest in Hibiki but just this was the best development. That reaction was perfect. However, Hibiki belongs to Miku.

Ear nibble

The leading theory of the noise is that they are aiming for Durandal. This is a collection of relic fragments kept on a lower level called Abyss. Both Tsubasa's and Hibiki's relics need a song to activate them but will eventually deactivate. However, undamaged relics will continue activated even if the original singer were to pass them onto someone else.

Hibiki going berserk was exactly what I wanted in episode 2. To be taken away from Miku and viewing shooting stars is definitely something to get angry about. But blaming the noise probably isn't the best idea. There's Kanade, or her suit, and there's the mastermind behind the noise. She clearly stated they are emotionless but in the moment, you'll blame anything on the person closest to you.

Berserk mode, ACTIVATE!

It's made clear that there is a leader controlling the other noise. Before, the leaders were probably the big ones but even then, size does not equal power. This one had bombs he grew and released. He had the upper hand until Tsubasa came. After that, the newest enemy appear to give us a cliffhanger. It's not even close to the first ending but I still have to see how this anime goes.

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Anonymous said... [reply]

Berserk Mode Hibiki was really epic and freaky at the same time. You don't mess with a girl's special time with her lover. Poor Miku.

So the Symphogear armor is not only powered by song, but it’s affected by emotion too.

Kanade’s last words made me feel really sad. It's Kannazuki no Miko all over again I really hope Kanade returns in some form for Tsubasa.

Poor Miku, I really wish Hibiki could tell her what she is doing.

Oh wow, Ryouko is not subtle at all! "Insert Wolf howl here".

Looks like we have moved from the monster of the week phase to facing the main big bad, or at least the dragon. I wonder how long until the school gets a mysterious new silver haired transfer student?

EcchiCatgirl said... [reply]


berserk hibiki is what makes the series for me. if that wasn't there, i dont know what i'd think of it.

i consider any kind of power to be powered by emotion. anger is especially present to boost power in blind rage.

I haven't seen that anime so... "I don't get a kannazuki no miku feel. It might be because it's been a while but they were friends to enemies and then friends. - bIuecrimson"

miku's safety is important, but keeping secrets from your best friend is hard. i expect her to find out eventually.

Anime and it's mysterious transefer students...

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