Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Ano Natsu de Materru episode 8 discussion

We are reminded  of the kiss Kaito and Ichika almost had. If Kanna hadn't stopped them, Ichika would have gone with it. Kaito is all for finding her special place, but would be against her leaving at the end of the series.

The carbon copy of their real life is put on hold while they look over another alien based movie they made. This time it features a giant Tetsurou who crashes his spaceship and fights against Godzilla. If it's the same movie, Tetsurou has many clones and Godzilla is kind of a random insert.

Mio cut her hair to her shoulders. After overcoming her nudist issues, it's not strange for her to change how she looks. I preferred her with long hair, but as long as her personality doesn't change, she'll be just as cute.

Mio's still cute

Lemon meets up with Manami to discus a test of courage after the festival. Lemon shows the current love polygon and the only way to make it complete is if Ichika likes Mio. No one will complain, except for Kaito and maybe Mio.

Love chain

At the festival, Ichika has tries the most important part, the food. No matter what she eats, she enjoys it. Anything is better than her unique style of cooking.


After the leaving the festival with Lemon, they start the test of courage prepared by Lemon and Manami. It's rigged so Kaito goes with Kanna, Mio with Tetsurou and Ichika with Lemon.

Mio and Tetsurou share a kiss, it was an accident, but there's no reason them to complain. Manami seems to have missed it, but Lemon would never miss such a shot.

Another step forward for these two

Kaito hears Ichika scream and leaves Kanna. By now Kanna should realise she isn't in the same place in his heart as Ichika.Instead of losing the spaceship or someone coming to see Ichika, Rinnon called for a rescue pod. It would never kill the person it was sent to save, but Kaito is different. It became aggressive just to achieve it's mission of retrieving Ichika. Kaito fought against it to protect her, but a stick was never going to destroy an advanced alien spacepod.

Rinnon is an awesome pilot even if Kaito could do with some improvements. It was all thanks to Rinnon for destroying the spacepod. Again Kaito is revived from death.

Rinnon FTW

The time has come for her to explain her origin, the preview suggests it and there is no way she could push it off as something else. He could have lost his memory again, but I doubt it.

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Monday, 27 February 2012

Rinne no Lagrange episode 8 discussion

After the bonding in the ocean at night, Madoka, Lan and Muginami have all become really close friends. They are training, or having fun, until they are interrupted by an unexpected visit from the chairman. She's a loli who's probably older than she looks with Madoka's first enemy she fought against. The maid outfit suits him.

I didn't mention she's cute

Lan greets her with the usual "woof" where she's told it isn't a proper greeting on earth. I haven't seen anyone in the anime complain and the fanbase certainly likes it. I just hope it isn't the last we'll see of cute greeting.


Madoka is next to be played with. Getting groped causes her to scream and back away. How can the chairman say so-so? She must obviously have bad taste. As a loli, she doesn't have much to compare to.

The chairman needs better taste

Only Muginami avoids being embarrassed by the chairman, there's nothing she's insecure about and she doesn't have any unique traits for the chairman to pick up on.

The main point of visiting the base was to stop Madoka from piloting her Vox. At any cost, she aims to stop the flower of Rinne and the legend from happening. The legend is going to come true or at least be on the verge to coming true and stopped at the last minute. This will be a good outcome, an interesting end will be good.

Lan tells Madoka and Muginami, who's more interested in the aquarion, about the legend. 20,000 years ago a superior civilisation existed, but was destroyed when the Vox went out of control. The survivors left Earth and are now the ancestors of the aliens.

Back at their house, Lan is scared of wind or something trivial, but at least she gets to sleep with Madoka. The only problem, she can't sleep with her orcas. I'm sure they'll be lonely.

No need to be scared, you have orcas to protect you

She moves over to Madoka's room, but Muginami follows as expected. Muginami is useful when playfully teasing someone. I want more cute scene of Lan. She even pets Lan to make her feel better.

Let's scare her more often if she's this cute

Due to Madoka not being allowed to fight, the other girls start a protest. Madoka and the chairman enter the hanger via ventilation. Again Madoka receives more sexual harassment, but this time from behind.

This is the cutest protest I've ever seen

Madoka agrees to stop flying, but assures their relationship will not change. Just wait till they need her power, they'll be begging her to go flying again. At least all three of them will stay together, their love holds the series together.

Friends forever

Array returns to his allies along with the chairman. She makes it clear to Villagiulio that he can't have the Vox. He really is cute in that maid outfit.

~Okaerinasai goshujin-sama~

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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Senki Zesshou Symphogear episode 8 discussion

Chris is on the run from the noise Fine set on her. She destroys all the noise set on her just in time. She wasn't singing and was low on energy so she lost her armour and collapsed. Miku comes to save the day. Mustn't forget Miku almost got hit by one of Chris' attacks.

Both her and Chris seem to get pretty close. Chris is keeping her tsundere attitude, but she allows Miku to wash her back. Miku even misses school to look after her. She isn't close to Chris like she is with Hibiki so putting her panties on is a little too much.

Miku, don't forget Hibiki

Chris looks like she was a slave or a prisoner in the past. She will have lost her parents, been captured and "saved" by Fine.

She's cute, all that pain made her cold

The alarm for noise goes off which reminds her that she has put everyone around her in danger. As the target, she decides it is only right to fight for the people she put in danger. This is the first steps into the good side, soon enough she'll be fighting with Hibiki and Tsubasa.

She's still weakened so she can't sing her song to activate her armour. Genjurou comes in to save her. I don't think he'd be able to survive a direct attack by noise so making shields is a better idea, but it still shows his super strength. Noise are still low level enemies so once she sings, she can take care of them.

On Hibiki's side, she has a higher level noise to fight against. Miku and another woman are trapped in a building by an octopus. Miku wants to be useful so she distracts the noise and takes it out of the building. So Hibiki could have done what Miku did, but I guess saving the woman comes first. Their abilities were mixed up.

Miku may be pretty good at running, but everyone has a limit. Hibiki has further to travel to take it out, but at least there's a decoy. Without the decoy, I think she'd have had more trouble. Well done Miku, you were useful.

Welcome back HibikixMiku, we all missed you and we hope to never lose you again. A new photo seals their newborn love.

Pure love

Now Miku is in the know and is acknowledged by everyone, maybe she'll get to go on missions. I wouldn't mind hearing her sing a symphogear song either. She can take Hibiki's place and fight when she dies.

The didn't sleep that night

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Do you rewatch anime?

I have only rewatched shows like Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokémon. Anime I saw in my childhood (around 8 years old) has been forgotten and I wanted to watch it again. The anime I want to rewatch will replace the time I have for real life and the anime series I haven't seen yet. So it has to be well worth watching the same series again.


There are two things I look for when watching an anime based on the plot, the progression or the climax. On a second run, I already know what will happen in the story so there's no surprise like when something totally unexpected happened the first watch. It's possible to enjoy walking the path a second time, but when it comes to the end of the path, I already know what to expect making the ending seem less meaningful.

The obvious exception when rewatching a story is when a manga or light novel is adapted into an anime, but the advantages of watching anime outweigh the fact that it's the same story. Colour, animation, voice actors and hopefully good directing all make it worth watching the same story twice.

Other than my favourites and classics I haven't seen for many years, an anime based on plot isn't the best idea to rewatch. This is where recap episodes can come in handy to save time by watching just a few episodes to summarise it. My favourite anime, Bungaku Shoujo, is short so it doesn't need recap episodes, 4 OVA episodes and a movie won't take long to complete. It might be based on plot, but as my favourite, it's well worth watching again.

Bungaku Shoujo

A gag manga or 4-koma is a good choice to rewatch because I'm not missing out on the original expectations. Comedies don't really have a plot so I can just sit back and enjoy. K-on is a good choice because there are five girls basically doing nothing, but still makes it seem like something. It is one of the best ways to waste your time.


So how likely are you to rewatch an anime series, or is the series ruined because you already know how the story will progress?

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Black★Rock Shooter episode 4 discussion

STRength starts off the episode by throwing Chariot off a cliff. Appears Chariot is dead from having her head chopped off. They can take so much damage yet they can't lose their heads. There isn't really a reason for STRength being an enemy unless she's working for Black Gold Saw. The only (sort of) main character left is Yuu and considering how close she seems with Saya, it does make sense. MAL has them as being the same character, but we're yet to see them act as one.

No one will miss you

Kagari goes to school probably for the first time and she becomes popular straight away. Acting shy and having a foul mouthed is cute. She's so tsundere. And like that, she's cute enough for me to forget about how evil she was. Her other self is inactive so I guess her evil side has died.

Huh, this cute girl is evil?

Kohachi is fine, no thanks to Black Rock Shooter or Saya, and is back in school. When the boy she confessed to meets her to apologise, she doesn't know who he is. Memory loss? Losing her other self, she loses her pain and forgets what caused the pain. Kind of similar to how Kagarihas forgotten her love for Yomi.

When Yomi is with Saya, she has a "Kotori Asobi" mug. She has other mugs for her other plans Saya is evil. I wonder what her pain is to make her act like this. It's not all Saya's fault, Mato needs to give more love to Yomi, but not too much that she becomes dependant.

Saya's evil mugs

This should be in every anime, the classic of running to school with bread in your mouth. Though your supposed to be late to make it work properly. Actually bumping into something isn't a bad idea either, but ramming into Kagari was only a good idea before she was cute.

The classic

Yomi is beginning to crack as her insanity levels are rising. Only Mato can save her, she'll never notice her second friend in pain when others are there to distract her. I can't forgive her for ruining the painting, it was so beautiful before making it crying blood. Before the pain was bearable, but now it's too much, watch as she sinks into darkness.

Tears of blood

The girls in the cooking club that became friends with Kagari seem to be keeping her all to themselves. Can't blame them though. Yomi is being blocked, but keeping Kagari away from crazy people is actually a good idea when it comes to protecting our beloved cute blond girl. When Yomi stops being crazy, she'll be welcomed back with open arms.

It pains meto know you're crazy

Why would Mato let Yuu have Yomi's number, Yomi loves Mato (and possibly Kagari) and wouldn't want someone else to replace her. It's the thought that counts, even though the thought was wrong. With this so called betrayal, she goes back to loving Kagari instead.

They switched positions, Yomi is now very dependant on Kagari and Mato. So let's chop off Dead Master's head. She might forget her love for Mato, but at least she's no longer jealous. Who knew that chopping heads off would actually save people.

Kagari is wanting to leave Yomi, but makes it out that she is trapped. She's forgotten her love for Yomi and became a nice person. She wanted to do something nice and even consulted Mato, but now she's acting out of desperation to escape. Chariot might return to hurt Mato another day.

Run for the hills

Should have an awesome fight between Black Rock Shooter and Dead Master, Mato give Yomi your love.

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Friday, 24 February 2012

Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! episode 7 discussion

Episode 6 discussion can be viewed here

Yuuta's relative comes to visit to see how things are going. She's no longer trying to get the girls back, but I still can't see any kind of financial help coming from her. as soon as Yuuta screws up, she'll take the girls back. They both understand how hard it will be when school starts, but Yuuta could never know how hard it will until he has a chance. He's managed so far, school be his next challenge.

The girls were waiting outside while Yuuta had his talk. Hina is acting like her usual self playing with ants. She can make anything seem cute.

Hina playing with ants

Raika is tempting Yuuta with her cosplay again. I'm wondering if this is her secret pleasure or she's just trying too hard. Yuuta as the nice guy he is, goes to help the shrine maiden in bondage and falls right into her trap. I have to agree with their efforts, his nieces are cute and well worth meeting. Yuuta reluctantly refuses with good reason.

Raika and her cosplay fetish

Raika and Sako visit with the only intention of meeting Yuuta's nieces. Maybe Raika's fetish is actually cute girls. She admits she likes cute girls, but maybe that's all there is to it.

Hina is 3 years old, I think I can wait 13 years

Raika is serving out the food that she and Kouichi made. Sora wants to serve Yuuta, but it's only right for the one who made it to serve it out. Hina can bypass the rules because she's cute.


Raika comes to teach Yuuta and Sora how to cook. Sora trips up and covers the place in flour. It starts with just Sora and Raika in the bath, but the other two join in.

Bubble make everything much better

Contracts are legally binding, so when you break the rules, you must face the punishment. The dorm manager is right, a one person appartment can't be made into a four person appartment just because of personal issues. This will be pretty difficult to get past, but somehow he will keep everyone together.

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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Ano Natsu de Materru episode 7 discussion

Kaito refused Kaori in the best possible way. He likes Ichika so he'd be betraying his feelings if he went out with Kaori. It's acceptable for Kaori to cry since she has been dumped in the same way before. Too bad Ichika ran away since crying was a strong sign of being turned down.

Chiharu needs to get the hint, she's just a stalker aiming for a guy based on his looks. Lust is not love, but seeing two people in love might just make her try to build a relationship instead of forcing one. She's worth something, she got Mio to confess even if she also made her cry.

It's ok, don't cry

Mio made some good progress in this episode and we learnt she's a nudist because of her family. Tetsurou doesn't mind. He even tries to pretend nothing happened even though that memory has been saved and backed up. They are friends, soon to be lovers, so it is best not to think about the trivialities in life.

Getting better

It bothers Mio because who wouldn't be embarressed? Probably being the only one in her school who's a nudist, there isn't anyone she can talk to about it. She's really cute so Tetsurou will fall for her eventually. Mio confessed so now Tetsurou needs to agree.

Tetsurou's hand seals the deal

Hopefully we'll never see Kaori or Chiharu ever again. They were useful as plot devices, helping both Ichika and Mio get closer to the one they like, but ultimately they just got in the way. They know when they can't win against true love.

Kaori helped Ichika and Kai out by bringing them together. Kai wants to chase after Ichika instaf of waiting to be chased by her.

Getting hot

Kaito's impatience doesn't prove enough when Kanna in a cute cat maid outfit stops them kissing. Damn you Kanna! You're lucky you're cute in this scene. Lemon and her dynamite drink strikes again.

*Chu* ~ nyah

Mio seems to have more courage now that her secret is out.Similar to stripping, she takes off her sweater to reveal her swimsuit in all her glory.

Oh Mio, how bold

We saw a spaceship flying through space, but that means, Rinnon lost the ship or a new alien will come to Earth. Considering just how scared Rinnon was, losing Ichika's only way home is a lot worse than someone she knows coming to take her home.

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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Rinne no Lagrange episode 7 discussion

This episode explains why Muginami was so loyal to Villagiulio. It's a dark and lonely world especially since there doesn't seem to be a sun in the sky. As a child, she saved him on  a beach by letting him eat half of her apple core. And so, the apple becomes the bond between the 2 of them.

Loli Muginami is cute

She was homeless so she had to steal food to live. At times she failed to collect any food, but Villgiuvio helped collect food. They had no on to help them except themselves. They looked out for each other. He is the reason she kept on living. By the 3rd flashback, Villagiulio has grown up to look similar to how he does now, but a change in appearance shouldn't change his personality. They seem to be in some sort of war which could lead to him letting the weak die. Muginami is in no way strong and is just dead weight.

The flower of Rinne gave off a large power source when it rained down in the previous episode. Moid knows more than he's letting on. Whether or not he knows what the Vox are capable of, he does know something about the flowers.

Madoka and Lan were called to take care of an eel problem. Expect tentacle rape, any hentai's signature move. Lan is clumsy so she fits right in.


The girls have new maid uniforms for the café which are pretty cute. They sow off the girls just right. Muginami and Lan are closer than they were before.

Skinship is the best form of friendship

Muginami and Madoka had a bath together which causes Lan to be jealous. So jealous that she strips off in from of Muginami and Madoka just to get a bath together. The closest bath is the ocean so they jump straight in.

Oh Lan, how bold

As long as they enjoy themselves, and entertain the fans, it's fine. It'll give us enough fanservice to last at least 6 more episodes.

You're welcome

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Monday, 20 February 2012

Senki Zesshou Symphogear episode 7 discussion

Episode 6 discussion can be viewed here

Hibiki just used her finisher move, bit Chris has a regeneration power. Hibiki is focused enough to have her eyes closed which is pretty much mocking. She learns her name which opens another chance to talk to the human side.

Chris removes the Nehushtan armour to sing her own song. Ichii-Bal seems much stronger even though it doesn't look like a completed relic. The only reason she uses Nehushtan is because she hates to sing. Why would she hate to sing when she can sing so well? Humming the tune when helping those children suggests otherwise.

She's better without the Nehushtan armour

Hibiki is losing badly, but Tsubasa saves her. With Tsubasa's new mindset, she doesn't want to lose anything precious to her again. Her skills have improved and now she can fight better. They are interrupted by Chris' master, Finé, setting noise to kill her.

On her way back, Chris finds 2 children. She thought they were fighting which almost led her to hitting them. She has a screwed up sense of justice, but she's only doing what she thinks is right. She's just a troubled girl looking for a place to belong.

Miku has become very distant to Hibiki. It was always going to happen because the sheer scale of secret Hibiki kept. I assume Miku knows, but we don't know what she was told. Whatever it was, they won't be sleeping together or anything more. I'm going to miss their love. Kiss and make up already.

Trouble in paradise

Chris was disowned, but with nowhere else to go, she returns to the mansion. She's told clearly that she's useless and is forced to fight against noise. Finé has a similar armour to Nehushtan called Kadingil. The only place she has left to return to is Hibiki.

Big bad

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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Black★Rock Shooter episode 3 discussion

Episode 2 discussion can be viewed here

Black Gold Saw starts the episode creating new life for the other world. They don't seem anything like the main cast, but they have a small essence of life. They seem like spirits when emerging from the ground and like mannequins when they move.

Birth of the souls

I'm pretty sure the counsellor is Black Gold Saw. The mannequin type spirit was Kohachi. She was created when the counsellor cried for her and she collapsed when the spirit was killed by Black Rock Shooter.  Kohachi had a strong will until she went to see her. Being a counsellor is very beneficial if the other world thrives on pain. Mato even had a dream of her and called her oba-san. I doubt she'd do it in real life since women don't usually like to be called oba-san.

She's way too empathetic

Yomi got really jealous, it's not unexpected since Mato keeps going on about Yuu. It's kind of similar to the OVA, but that caused Yomi to become Dead Master. In the end Yuu also seemed to become jealous when Mato got more friendly with Yomi. Her best friend is Yuu, but only Yomi can become her lover.

Yomi has good talent in art, but it's way too obvious. Mato as her model is fine I guess, but why is she crying. She'd have been better to paint herself crying because she's acting strong to hide her pain.

Why is she crying?

Black Rock Shooter shows up killing all of the spirits except for Kohachi. Perhaps she's aiming for Black Gold Saw who is hiding with them. I don't know why she killed Kohachi's spirit. Maybe being a spirit like that is pitiful to her. If Kagari changed for the better, Kohachi should change too.

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Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! episode 6 discussion

The episode starts off with Yuuta washing Hina's hair. It's not really his fault that the shampoo gets in her eyes, but when it comes to brushing her hair, he needs to learn the method first. Leave it to Sora, she knows better.

Bath time with Yuuta

Hina meets the girl from the LunaLuna 7 anime. I'm still unsure which role she plays, but she's a great role model to Hina. Hina's innocence has that effect on people to make them do something they wouldn't normally do. She is loved by everyone and receives treats for being cute.


On a call with Sako, Hina speaks. Again, Sako's creepy talent shows just how well he knows stereotypes in anime. He wants to meet up with Yuuta to have a chance to see the descended angels, but torturing Kouichi for their infomation is going too far. Secrets are only hard to keep because of outsiders wanting in, but he's spot on with his drawing. Now we need him to draw Sora to complete the set.

Still creepy, but still talented

They head to their old house to collect some of their personal belongings, but Sora and Miu meet some of their friends. They'll have to go to school sometime, but it's whether or not they end up going to a new one leaving their friends behind.

For the first time, there is obvious violence. Yuuta gets a chance to see Sora's tsundere side and her panties as an added bonus. When in doubt, just lie there avoiding all possibilities to anger Sora. At least he has Hina to blow on his cheeks.


They've all gotten so used to sleeping in the same room they find it awkward to sleep in their own rooms. It's better this way, more like a family.

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