Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Ano Natsu de Materru episode 4 discussion

I was fine with the clichés and misunderstandings up to a point, but too many and drawing them out is really annoying. I'll continue with series since I have high hopes for this anime. Enough about that, let's get on with the discussion.

The episode starts out Ichika completely ignoring Kaito's confession. The train is the perfect escape.

Back home, they are now acting more tense and have internal monologues to boost their confidence. But, to shout "good morning" when someone is holding a knife is very dangerous. She was daydreaming too so it's just as much her fault as it is his. Rinon could have been hurt, but that would never happen.

Blades are dangerous

It is really cute to see how Kaito describes the situation using hand puppets. You can't go wrong with hand puppets. Whereas, Ichika had more emotion to her story because she said she'd eventually leave. She's there to find a special place, but once she finds it, there won't be any reason to stay. Unless both of them actually fall in love.

Puppets are cute

Using girl A and boy B isn't enough to hide the fact that you like each other. It's obvious they know what's happening, even without being told, they'd still have some kind of idea. Kaito is told not to rush fro an answer and Ichicka is told to give an answer. She should tell Kaito she won't be there forever but that would probably end up causing him to overreact.

The part I hated most is the misunderstanding Ichika has when she see him with Tetsurou's sister. It adds a nice jealous aspect, but misunderstandings are because of the character having no common sense. It was solved just as quickly as she made the mistake.

Say your prayers

Realising her mistake, she offers to make it up to him. Instead of forcing an answer, he decides to just get help with studies. It all ended well just like I expected.

Kanna still doesn't have any chance with Kaito. I'd pair her with Tetsurou but I think Mio is a better fit.

School has finally finished and Summer vacation and the real story is about to begin.

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