Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Ano Natsu de Materru episode 5 discussion

Summer finally began and Ichika got her role in the movie. She is an alien in the improvised script from Lemon. Tetsurou has the role of an agent from the men in black, and his twin brother. They didn't last long, fear leads to killing them. MIB should have skills, but they immediately reveal themselves causing immediate death.

Japanese MIB fail

The film then moves onto following a similar story to the main storyline. She meets Kaito's character and moves in with him just like in the anime. Lemon correctly identified what Rinon is. Yeah, she's probably an alien.

Kaito remembered Ichika's reason for being there. It's not that hard, but it increased her love points.

Ichika fears MIB and what would happen if Kaito found out she was an alien, but is relieved to find out that Kaito is fine with Ichika's character being an alien as long as she doesn't spit weird liquid.

Kanna came over and forcefully questioned Ichika about how long she will be staying. She apologises but leaves thinking herself as a bad person. Humans make mistakes, so it's not like she won't be forgiven. Even cryinging the rain shows how she thinks she failed.

Crying is cute too

Although Kanna didn't want to tell Kaito she likes him, Tetsurou went ahead and did it for her. When she finds out... It's a nice thought to reveal someones feelings, but when Kaito already likes Ichika, it won't go well. Ichika was also outside meaning the only one that doesn't know is Kanna. This is the problem with harems, it's always the boy that has the hardest time. It's harder to choose than not be the one chosen.

No annoying misunderstandings this week so I'm happy. I'm interested to see how Kaito will take the news about Kanna.

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feal87 said... [reply]

Need more Kanna! Her screentime is not enough...>_<

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