Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Ano Natsu de Materru episode 7 discussion

Kaito refused Kaori in the best possible way. He likes Ichika so he'd be betraying his feelings if he went out with Kaori. It's acceptable for Kaori to cry since she has been dumped in the same way before. Too bad Ichika ran away since crying was a strong sign of being turned down.

Chiharu needs to get the hint, she's just a stalker aiming for a guy based on his looks. Lust is not love, but seeing two people in love might just make her try to build a relationship instead of forcing one. She's worth something, she got Mio to confess even if she also made her cry.

It's ok, don't cry

Mio made some good progress in this episode and we learnt she's a nudist because of her family. Tetsurou doesn't mind. He even tries to pretend nothing happened even though that memory has been saved and backed up. They are friends, soon to be lovers, so it is best not to think about the trivialities in life.

Getting better

It bothers Mio because who wouldn't be embarressed? Probably being the only one in her school who's a nudist, there isn't anyone she can talk to about it. She's really cute so Tetsurou will fall for her eventually. Mio confessed so now Tetsurou needs to agree.

Tetsurou's hand seals the deal

Hopefully we'll never see Kaori or Chiharu ever again. They were useful as plot devices, helping both Ichika and Mio get closer to the one they like, but ultimately they just got in the way. They know when they can't win against true love.

Kaori helped Ichika and Kai out by bringing them together. Kai wants to chase after Ichika instaf of waiting to be chased by her.

Getting hot

Kaito's impatience doesn't prove enough when Kanna in a cute cat maid outfit stops them kissing. Damn you Kanna! You're lucky you're cute in this scene. Lemon and her dynamite drink strikes again.

*Chu* ~ nyah

Mio seems to have more courage now that her secret is out.Similar to stripping, she takes off her sweater to reveal her swimsuit in all her glory.

Oh Mio, how bold

We saw a spaceship flying through space, but that means, Rinnon lost the ship or a new alien will come to Earth. Considering just how scared Rinnon was, losing Ichika's only way home is a lot worse than someone she knows coming to take her home.

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Rei said... [reply]

New alien is coming. Probably Ichika's mom or something. Well I don't really find Ichika entertaining. She is always like "Eh?" and "Eh" all the time. It is really annoying.. And Kaito is like "Etto, Etto" all the time. I wish they learn some new words..

EcchiCatgirl said... [reply]


This is why they should focus on Mio and Tetsurou instead.

feal87 said... [reply]

I really wonder who's the new alien though and how it will fit in the story...:|

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