Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Ano Natsu de Materru episode 8 discussion

We are reminded  of the kiss Kaito and Ichika almost had. If Kanna hadn't stopped them, Ichika would have gone with it. Kaito is all for finding her special place, but would be against her leaving at the end of the series.

The carbon copy of their real life is put on hold while they look over another alien based movie they made. This time it features a giant Tetsurou who crashes his spaceship and fights against Godzilla. If it's the same movie, Tetsurou has many clones and Godzilla is kind of a random insert.

Mio cut her hair to her shoulders. After overcoming her nudist issues, it's not strange for her to change how she looks. I preferred her with long hair, but as long as her personality doesn't change, she'll be just as cute.

Mio's still cute

Lemon meets up with Manami to discus a test of courage after the festival. Lemon shows the current love polygon and the only way to make it complete is if Ichika likes Mio. No one will complain, except for Kaito and maybe Mio.

Love chain

At the festival, Ichika has tries the most important part, the food. No matter what she eats, she enjoys it. Anything is better than her unique style of cooking.


After the leaving the festival with Lemon, they start the test of courage prepared by Lemon and Manami. It's rigged so Kaito goes with Kanna, Mio with Tetsurou and Ichika with Lemon.

Mio and Tetsurou share a kiss, it was an accident, but there's no reason them to complain. Manami seems to have missed it, but Lemon would never miss such a shot.

Another step forward for these two

Kaito hears Ichika scream and leaves Kanna. By now Kanna should realise she isn't in the same place in his heart as Ichika.Instead of losing the spaceship or someone coming to see Ichika, Rinnon called for a rescue pod. It would never kill the person it was sent to save, but Kaito is different. It became aggressive just to achieve it's mission of retrieving Ichika. Kaito fought against it to protect her, but a stick was never going to destroy an advanced alien spacepod.

Rinnon is an awesome pilot even if Kaito could do with some improvements. It was all thanks to Rinnon for destroying the spacepod. Again Kaito is revived from death.

Rinnon FTW

The time has come for her to explain her origin, the preview suggests it and there is no way she could push it off as something else. He could have lost his memory again, but I doubt it.

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feal87 said... [reply]

Rinon was so manly with that piloting skill man...:P

Rei said... [reply]

Rinon and Remon, the best thing the show has to offer. Kaito and Ichika is just...meh.... in my opinion.

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