Saturday, 4 February 2012

Black★Rock Shooter episode 1 discussion

I saw the OVA back in 2010 and have been anticipating the TV series when news was first release. The art style is the same with a few different costume designs. Yomi is wearing glasses in this version, but it doesn't change anything, she's still cute. The most important aspect is always the story, but the design is like an added bonus.

Just like in the OVA the anime switches between the real world and the parallel world, but in this version the worlds seem linked more. Instead of just having Black Rock Shooter and Dead Master, Black Rock Shooter also has taunting from THAT BITCH Kagari. This could mean the world's are linked to their consciousness or be a dream world. Being more like this reminds me of Alice in Wonderland, especially the horror video game, since that was a dream world with an addition Alice's troubles.

Black Rock Shooter

Mato mistakes Yomi's name as Kotori Asobi which is literally "Tiny Bird's Game". It's understandable to make a mistake since kanji can mean different things.

Yomi's explanation to her name is "Because little birds can have fun when there are no hawks around." This makes sense since kotori is a small bird and Taka is a hawk.

Yomi with glasses is cute too

Mato only wants to be friends and Yomi probably would love to if it weren't for Kagari. Forcing the "dirty" coloured macrons and an ugly doll onto Mato is evil. She made Mato cry. In her eyes it's to keep Yomi to herself. For Yomi to agree with this, she  must have done something bad to Kagari. Kagari even says that she must take responsibility.

Mato decides she won't let it bother her since she wants to keep her new friend. This makes Yomi's first friend as well.

The ending is Miku Hatsune singing. I remember a youtube video a while back which might be the same song. The ending shows five of the characters in parallel world.

Hope for a battle between all 5 sometime

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ogmansblog said... [reply]

Kagari will pay for what she did to poor Mato, who just wanted to go out on a date with Yomi. Is that so wrong, you psychotic little crippled demon? I'm sure you'll get yours soon enough but I want to be scared more by you as well hell spawn on wheels.

EcchiCatgirl said... [reply]


for now, Yomi and Mato will have to use the school for you know what -_^.

i'm unsure if the other selves can even die, the OVA didn't have any death, just fighting. means Kagari will have to die in real life, fine with me.

ogmansblog said... [reply]

Well said good person (Male or female). Hehe.

Ah, so the immortality doesn't apply to BRS alone, eh? Now I see.
I don't normally wish death on anyone, but I do sometimes like to see annoying internet trolls get theirs. That's it. I'm not cruel enough to wish death to anything, real or fictional, left and right. My apologies.

Shizuo said... [reply]

Kagari very annoying!!!

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