Sunday, 12 February 2012

Black★Rock Shooter episode 2 discussion

Episode 1 discussion can be viewed here

In the first episode, Mato asked to go with Yomi to the festival. Kagari kept Yomi from going because of the simple fact that she wasn't able to go. This left Mato all alone and waiting during the festival. With so many painful things, it's hard not to get hurt. She saw Kagari's hold on Yomi, but she still tried to be friends. Yomi wanted to goto the festival and really should have just left Kagari.

In the real world, Kagari carved a hearts into Yomi's chest. This also moved over to the other world. Using a symbol to represent love and to carve it into her, Kagari is truly a yandere. Yomi herself can't call out for help because she is afraid, but those emotions are crying out for help in the other world.

I love you so much, i have to hurt you

Mato wakes up from dreaming the same events. When changing clothes, she notices Yomi has the same scar. At this point she realises she isn't a playful bird, but a trapped hawk. Hawks as predators should have courage but this isn't the case at all.

Mato visits Yomi's house again. This time Kagari decides to fall down the stairs. It's all because she believes that like this strengthen the hold on Yomi. To say that her parents won't forgive Yomi if she falls shows just how far her hold goes.

We get to see how Kagari got into an accident, but it was clearly her own fault. She only wins because of the pity she receives. She's lying about being unable to move. She can walk and move both her arms. It's probably just a front for her parents to keep Yomi.

Mato is still fighting hard in the other world for Yomi's sake. She finds her, but goes straight back into battle with Kagari. The amount of macrons really is overwhelming, even the machine gun shells show devotion to the animation.

It's raining macrons

No one can save Yomi, all they can do is offer guidance, first she has to come to terms with why she is trapped and decide where to go next. She's happy with Mato calling her by first name, but she doesn't want to abandon Kagari. She goes with the best option which was to be with both of them. She breaks the moon with was holding everything in place. Without it, the other world begins to collapse. Thanks to Black Gold Saw, the world becomes stable, but she also took Yomi. Is someone else after her as well?

Until this point, no one has died in the other world. At most Mato felt a lot of pain because of Kagari and Yomi attacking her. Kagari lost her head, so I can't see what will happen next, but it seems to have done something to her personality in the real world.

Who's the first to dance on her grave?

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Anonymous said... [reply]

"I love you so much I have to hurt you" The best part of Kill me Baby to me, the ED.

On with the show, Hades really amped up the scary factor from last week. Poor Mato and Yomi had to fight really hard to get together at long last. The question now is, who was broken after the epic clash between BRS, Chariot and interference by BGS? We can speculate it's Hades but I'm not so sure. We'll see.

EcchiCatgirl said... [reply]


Any yuri spices up a series ^_^

Shizuo said... [reply]

Machine gun scene, EPIC!!!

Cold Utopia said... [reply]

This anime is amazing,using another world to explain emotions you wouldn't normally show in real life is brilliant.

Rei said... [reply]

Fuuuuuuf! Yes the blue flame is out! :D
I really like the anime but I hate those who compare it with the OVA. They keep making bad impression of the anime. I also don't get how some were not impressed with the episode 2. It was freaking epic and they were not impressed? -__-

EcchiCatgirl said... [reply]


They are similar in characters only.
The series is better in my opinion, simply fighting is good on some aspect, but making the other world react to the real world is what makes the series.

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