Saturday, 18 February 2012

Black★Rock Shooter episode 3 discussion

Episode 2 discussion can be viewed here

Black Gold Saw starts the episode creating new life for the other world. They don't seem anything like the main cast, but they have a small essence of life. They seem like spirits when emerging from the ground and like mannequins when they move.

Birth of the souls

I'm pretty sure the counsellor is Black Gold Saw. The mannequin type spirit was Kohachi. She was created when the counsellor cried for her and she collapsed when the spirit was killed by Black Rock Shooter.  Kohachi had a strong will until she went to see her. Being a counsellor is very beneficial if the other world thrives on pain. Mato even had a dream of her and called her oba-san. I doubt she'd do it in real life since women don't usually like to be called oba-san.

She's way too empathetic

Yomi got really jealous, it's not unexpected since Mato keeps going on about Yuu. It's kind of similar to the OVA, but that caused Yomi to become Dead Master. In the end Yuu also seemed to become jealous when Mato got more friendly with Yomi. Her best friend is Yuu, but only Yomi can become her lover.

Yomi has good talent in art, but it's way too obvious. Mato as her model is fine I guess, but why is she crying. She'd have been better to paint herself crying because she's acting strong to hide her pain.

Why is she crying?

Black Rock Shooter shows up killing all of the spirits except for Kohachi. Perhaps she's aiming for Black Gold Saw who is hiding with them. I don't know why she killed Kohachi's spirit. Maybe being a spirit like that is pitiful to her. If Kagari changed for the better, Kohachi should change too.

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feal87 said... [reply]

Mhn...more than empathetic...she's just evil imho...:P

EcchiCatgirl said... [reply]


To anyone in the anime, she's empathetic, to us, she's just a bitch fulfiling her own goals.

Anonymous said... [reply]

Justice must be served dood. Counselor Saya must pay for what she's doing to poor Mato and Yomi. Koha-chan is also an innocent bystander. This brings up the question, why were those 5 girls chosen to become other world warriors? Did Counselor Saya choose them?

Sorry, this episode was both confusing and oh so deliciuos at the same time.

Rei said... [reply]

Gardening minions! Saya will die! I hate her so much!

Shizuo said... [reply]

"I'm pretty sure the counsellor is Black Gold Saw.", I also think like that

I feel sorry for Mato while on a bus. But, I'm happy to see the expression on her face, looks weird and funny >3<

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