Saturday, 25 February 2012

Black★Rock Shooter episode 4 discussion

STRength starts off the episode by throwing Chariot off a cliff. Appears Chariot is dead from having her head chopped off. They can take so much damage yet they can't lose their heads. There isn't really a reason for STRength being an enemy unless she's working for Black Gold Saw. The only (sort of) main character left is Yuu and considering how close she seems with Saya, it does make sense. MAL has them as being the same character, but we're yet to see them act as one.

No one will miss you

Kagari goes to school probably for the first time and she becomes popular straight away. Acting shy and having a foul mouthed is cute. She's so tsundere. And like that, she's cute enough for me to forget about how evil she was. Her other self is inactive so I guess her evil side has died.

Huh, this cute girl is evil?

Kohachi is fine, no thanks to Black Rock Shooter or Saya, and is back in school. When the boy she confessed to meets her to apologise, she doesn't know who he is. Memory loss? Losing her other self, she loses her pain and forgets what caused the pain. Kind of similar to how Kagarihas forgotten her love for Yomi.

When Yomi is with Saya, she has a "Kotori Asobi" mug. She has other mugs for her other plans Saya is evil. I wonder what her pain is to make her act like this. It's not all Saya's fault, Mato needs to give more love to Yomi, but not too much that she becomes dependant.

Saya's evil mugs

This should be in every anime, the classic of running to school with bread in your mouth. Though your supposed to be late to make it work properly. Actually bumping into something isn't a bad idea either, but ramming into Kagari was only a good idea before she was cute.

The classic

Yomi is beginning to crack as her insanity levels are rising. Only Mato can save her, she'll never notice her second friend in pain when others are there to distract her. I can't forgive her for ruining the painting, it was so beautiful before making it crying blood. Before the pain was bearable, but now it's too much, watch as she sinks into darkness.

Tears of blood

The girls in the cooking club that became friends with Kagari seem to be keeping her all to themselves. Can't blame them though. Yomi is being blocked, but keeping Kagari away from crazy people is actually a good idea when it comes to protecting our beloved cute blond girl. When Yomi stops being crazy, she'll be welcomed back with open arms.

It pains meto know you're crazy

Why would Mato let Yuu have Yomi's number, Yomi loves Mato (and possibly Kagari) and wouldn't want someone else to replace her. It's the thought that counts, even though the thought was wrong. With this so called betrayal, she goes back to loving Kagari instead.

They switched positions, Yomi is now very dependant on Kagari and Mato. So let's chop off Dead Master's head. She might forget her love for Mato, but at least she's no longer jealous. Who knew that chopping heads off would actually save people.

Kagari is wanting to leave Yomi, but makes it out that she is trapped. She's forgotten her love for Yomi and became a nice person. She wanted to do something nice and even consulted Mato, but now she's acting out of desperation to escape. Chariot might return to hurt Mato another day.

Run for the hills

Should have an awesome fight between Black Rock Shooter and Dead Master, Mato give Yomi your love.

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Anonymous said... [reply]

The madness continues. hopefully Mato will get a reality check and remember who's most important to her before it's too late. no Highlanders on DM please.

Yuu, good luck on your quest for Arata.

Poor Take but his pain is none of our concern.

Also, Kill me Baby OP, why have I also begun to like it? Strangely addictive. Oh, but the ED is superior of course.

EcchiCatgirl said... [reply]


We need some YomixMato love.

Hypnotism is the only answer, or maybe I'm just a tsundere at heart. I hated the Kill Me Baby op, but now it's ok.

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