Friday, 3 February 2012

Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! episode 4 discussion

This episode focused on Yuuta leaving the girls to make many mistakes. Growing up is about trial and error, and now they know never to do it again.

Yuuta wakes up with Sora sleeping on top of him. As I expected, she let out her inner tsundere and got violent. She's a tsundere, so she was bound to hit him at some point. The ending credits never lie. I don't understand why they didn't show it though. Violence for comedy is normal in anime, but like this is fine too.

They ate out in the previous episode so food wasn't that big of a problem. But having four mouths to feed and not having any food is not a great start to the day. Go get some food for Hina.

On second thought... I changed my mind

Raika showed up again. I can't help but laugh at how she says something seemingly normal, but in her monotone voice. Sako and Kouichi are there to find out why Yuuta hasn't been going to the club. But Sako has an interesting skill. To be able to tell the scent of a young girl is creepy but still impressive.

Back home, the girls are having a little trouble, Hina gets covered in clothes, Miu hurts her leg and Sora finds Yuuta's underwear and soaks them in milk.

Don't open the door, you might meet a bad guy. Innocnt words are taken so literally. Hina even goes to the lengths of blocking off the door. But they need to go out to get their clothes cleaned. They use simple words to trick Hina to changing her mind. Hina would be scared if left alone so she automatically goes with them.

Sora attempts cooking for the first time. As expected, she ruined everything. At least she tried, it's the thought that counts. I think the only food that came out properly were the rice balls, but rice balls are probably the easiest to make.

As a nice gesture for having a family to send him off in the morning and welcome him back at night, he got some cake for them. He probably wasn't lonely because he had his friends and his sister, but having a family that is always with him will certainly be more fun.

Talking in your sleep shows honesty. You can't hide what you are feeling. Could this be a confession by Sora? Yuuta won't take it as this since she is family.

Sweet dreams

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