Saturday, 11 February 2012

Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! episode 5 discussion

More violence from Sora, but now that they have curtains, there is no need for it anymore. Of course they aren't going to take out, one of a tsundere's main feature is violence. It is normal comedy in anime.

Yuuta forgot his phone, so Miu had to pick up when Sado called. He's able to draw well, but has to waste that talent on something so creepy. To be able to tell a character's design just from her voice, he has amazing talent. He could smell Sora's fragrance and can now draw Miu, what will he do with Hina?

Creepy, but talented

Sora visits Yuuta at work to give him his phone. At this time Hina is reading LunaLuna 7 and becomes way too emotionally attached. One of these days they need a storyline where the good guy dies and miraculously comes back to life the next episode. It's not original though...

The joys of emotional attachment

The girl next door, Kurumi Atarashi, visits with watermelon. Everyone loves watermelon. She's a voice actress who voiced in LunaLuna 7. Though by the line she quotes, it appears she voiced the bad guy. With Hina's emotional attachment, Kurumi wouldn't have been left alive.

Sora gets on the wrong bus which leads to her walking home. Rain clouds close in forcing her to start running. Falling over and hurting her palms reminds her of how she met Yuuta.

He took it hard when his sister introduced him to who she was dating. He leaves to sit in a separate part of the restaurant. Sora fell over hurting her palms just like before giving Yuuta the chance to help her. She thanks him calling him uncle. Like anyone young, uncle isn't the nicest way to address a middle schooler so she changes it to Onii chan. She doesn't hate him, even if she is violent, but she decides to call him Onii chan again.

"Onii chan"

She's still the most likely love interest and in this episode, her love points just increased.

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