Saturday, 18 February 2012

Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! episode 6 discussion

The episode starts off with Yuuta washing Hina's hair. It's not really his fault that the shampoo gets in her eyes, but when it comes to brushing her hair, he needs to learn the method first. Leave it to Sora, she knows better.

Bath time with Yuuta

Hina meets the girl from the LunaLuna 7 anime. I'm still unsure which role she plays, but she's a great role model to Hina. Hina's innocence has that effect on people to make them do something they wouldn't normally do. She is loved by everyone and receives treats for being cute.


On a call with Sako, Hina speaks. Again, Sako's creepy talent shows just how well he knows stereotypes in anime. He wants to meet up with Yuuta to have a chance to see the descended angels, but torturing Kouichi for their infomation is going too far. Secrets are only hard to keep because of outsiders wanting in, but he's spot on with his drawing. Now we need him to draw Sora to complete the set.

Still creepy, but still talented

They head to their old house to collect some of their personal belongings, but Sora and Miu meet some of their friends. They'll have to go to school sometime, but it's whether or not they end up going to a new one leaving their friends behind.

For the first time, there is obvious violence. Yuuta gets a chance to see Sora's tsundere side and her panties as an added bonus. When in doubt, just lie there avoiding all possibilities to anger Sora. At least he has Hina to blow on his cheeks.


They've all gotten so used to sleeping in the same room they find it awkward to sleep in their own rooms. It's better this way, more like a family.

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Cold Utopia said... [reply]

Is Hina your favorite? Most of your pictures suggest it.

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