Friday, 24 February 2012

Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! episode 7 discussion

Episode 6 discussion can be viewed here

Yuuta's relative comes to visit to see how things are going. She's no longer trying to get the girls back, but I still can't see any kind of financial help coming from her. as soon as Yuuta screws up, she'll take the girls back. They both understand how hard it will be when school starts, but Yuuta could never know how hard it will until he has a chance. He's managed so far, school be his next challenge.

The girls were waiting outside while Yuuta had his talk. Hina is acting like her usual self playing with ants. She can make anything seem cute.

Hina playing with ants

Raika is tempting Yuuta with her cosplay again. I'm wondering if this is her secret pleasure or she's just trying too hard. Yuuta as the nice guy he is, goes to help the shrine maiden in bondage and falls right into her trap. I have to agree with their efforts, his nieces are cute and well worth meeting. Yuuta reluctantly refuses with good reason.

Raika and her cosplay fetish

Raika and Sako visit with the only intention of meeting Yuuta's nieces. Maybe Raika's fetish is actually cute girls. She admits she likes cute girls, but maybe that's all there is to it.

Hina is 3 years old, I think I can wait 13 years

Raika is serving out the food that she and Kouichi made. Sora wants to serve Yuuta, but it's only right for the one who made it to serve it out. Hina can bypass the rules because she's cute.


Raika comes to teach Yuuta and Sora how to cook. Sora trips up and covers the place in flour. It starts with just Sora and Raika in the bath, but the other two join in.

Bubble make everything much better

Contracts are legally binding, so when you break the rules, you must face the punishment. The dorm manager is right, a one person appartment can't be made into a four person appartment just because of personal issues. This will be pretty difficult to get past, but somehow he will keep everyone together.

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Cold Utopia said... [reply]

Can't forget the voice actress and everyone else in town will miss Hina. They need a way to stay.

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