Friday, 10 February 2012

Rinne no Lagrange episode 5 discussion

Episode 4 discussion can be viewed here

At the start Lan is dreaming of her past. The dream is really cute and seems very happy even though there is a war going on. She is a princess so she would be able to live in luxury while her people go to war knowing that any of them could die will be really painful. She wakes up distressed wondering why she had such a dream. She woke up with a whale, an orca maybe.

Loli Lan is cute

Considering Muginami an enemy, and right to do so, she watches over her from the shadows. She refuses to eat the food. It's guaranteed not to be poisoned because if Muginami was an assassin, Lan would have died by drowning. Even with Lan's cold attitude, Muginami continues with a friendly personality.

They have a clubroom now and only 3 members. It was originally a storeroom so it's still full of boxes. Lan offers to clean it with Muginami and sends Madoka home. This is to confront Muginami about her intentions. We all knew already, but she has control of one of the Vox too.

She knows there is a legend and that the Vox hold a lot of power. She even figures out Madoka doesn't know about the legend. Even if she did, most likely, she'd help anyway.

Madoka's uncle meets Muginami's brother, Villagiulio, and fight over a coat on sale. Villa wins and goes with her uncle to drink beer on the beach. Madoka has a stern side too. She quickly sends him home. Villa falls back getting a view of her underwear saying she should wear white.

Muginami meets her brother, but she gets kicked out of the organisation beofre she's even been accepted in. Without Vox, all she did was eat and sleep making her useless and just like a parasite. It leaves Muginami to join Madoka's team so all will end well.

The big bad is revealed

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Anonymous said... [reply]

Cherry has been rejected and underestimated by Villa. It's time for Madoka to use her feminine charms to win her back. Lan still need to bring her A-Game is she wants Madoka all to herself, or will need to learn to share Madoka's sexy body with Cherry.

feal87 said... [reply]

Loli Lan is mine! Madoka too! :O

EcchiCatgirl said... [reply]


Not without a fight. Loli Lan and regular Lan are mine, you can have Madoka until I get bored with Lan.

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