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Rinne no Lagrange episode 8 discussion

After the bonding in the ocean at night, Madoka, Lan and Muginami have all become really close friends. They are training, or having fun, until they are interrupted by an unexpected visit from the chairman. She's a loli who's probably older than she looks with Madoka's first enemy she fought against. The maid outfit suits him.

I didn't mention she's cute

Lan greets her with the usual "woof" where she's told it isn't a proper greeting on earth. I haven't seen anyone in the anime complain and the fanbase certainly likes it. I just hope it isn't the last we'll see of cute greeting.


Madoka is next to be played with. Getting groped causes her to scream and back away. How can the chairman say so-so? She must obviously have bad taste. As a loli, she doesn't have much to compare to.

The chairman needs better taste

Only Muginami avoids being embarrassed by the chairman, there's nothing she's insecure about and she doesn't have any unique traits for the chairman to pick up on.

The main point of visiting the base was to stop Madoka from piloting her Vox. At any cost, she aims to stop the flower of Rinne and the legend from happening. The legend is going to come true or at least be on the verge to coming true and stopped at the last minute. This will be a good outcome, an interesting end will be good.

Lan tells Madoka and Muginami, who's more interested in the aquarion, about the legend. 20,000 years ago a superior civilisation existed, but was destroyed when the Vox went out of control. The survivors left Earth and are now the ancestors of the aliens.

Back at their house, Lan is scared of wind or something trivial, but at least she gets to sleep with Madoka. The only problem, she can't sleep with her orcas. I'm sure they'll be lonely.

No need to be scared, you have orcas to protect you

She moves over to Madoka's room, but Muginami follows as expected. Muginami is useful when playfully teasing someone. I want more cute scene of Lan. She even pets Lan to make her feel better.

Let's scare her more often if she's this cute

Due to Madoka not being allowed to fight, the other girls start a protest. Madoka and the chairman enter the hanger via ventilation. Again Madoka receives more sexual harassment, but this time from behind.

This is the cutest protest I've ever seen

Madoka agrees to stop flying, but assures their relationship will not change. Just wait till they need her power, they'll be begging her to go flying again. At least all three of them will stay together, their love holds the series together.

Friends forever

Array returns to his allies along with the chairman. She makes it clear to Villagiulio that he can't have the Vox. He really is cute in that maid outfit.

~Okaerinasai goshujin-sama~

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Rei said... [reply]

The only thing i'm worried right now is that Lan would never say 'wolf' again :(

♥EcchiCatgirl♥ said... [reply]


Not like i'd drop the series, but I'd never look at it the same way again.

Shizuo said... [reply]

Lan looks cute when scared. MOAR please!!!

Like Rei said, it seems we can't see Lan say "woof" again >_<

One more thing, Asteria Lizamarie De Roschefall or the chairman granddaughter was very naughty especially with Madoka >3<

Anonymous said... [reply]

The Chairloli needs to get her eyes examined. Seriously, how dare she deny Madoka's beyond so-so sexiness? For Pete's sake, she married two hot alien girls (Technically they aren't alien but they lived in other planets so whatever).

I don't care about the Alien Pretty Boy trio so let them do as they please.

Madoka is such a boss. She knows exactly what makes Lan tick. She is her 1st after all.

Sorry orca plushies. You're cute and all, but if I were Lan, I'd also pick sleeping with my hot girlfriend over you two.

♥EcchiCatgirl♥ said... [reply]


Would have prefered Lan to take the orcas with her, the more the merrier.

Anonymous said... [reply]

You know exactly why it's better that they stayed behind, don't you?

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