Monday, 6 February 2012

Senki Zesshou Symphogear episode 5 discussion

Episode 4 discussion can be viewed here

Quite a lot happened in this episode, but the most important thing is Hibiki now has a weapon. Not only that, she also went berserk again causing massive destruction.

Never leave your lover in bed, it's always nicer to wake up together. Training is important, especially if you can't really fight and don't even have a weapon, but poor Miku is feeling lonely. Hibiki has certainly gotten stronger and it's all thanks to Genjurou. Without him she'd still be useless. Even Miku shows her worth (other than in bed) and lies about Hibiki being sick.

Another yuri relationship has been introduced, but it's an S&M relationship. If you like it... pain can also be a nice stimulation. Even though she far from enjoys it. So now we have a mature couple, a cute couple and an S&M couple, I wonder what's next.

Love hurts

Tsubasa woke up from her dream with Kanade. Dreams can seem to last as long as days even if they only last hours. If I had a dream like that, I wouldn't want to wake up.

The government think under Parliament is the safest place to hold a fully completed relic. It would certainly be a safe place but the weakest point is when travelling. This is made obvious with each car dying off one by one. Even Ryouko with her brilliant driving abilities ends up failing by her own accord.

Ryouko can block noise and Genjurou can block symphogear weapons. Ryouko has an interesting ability, she should have fought instead of Hibiki. She's using the power so naturally and doesn't flinch once.

Mysterious power

Durandal activated to Hibiki's singing and is now her weapon. She entered berserk mode again and used an even strong power than Kanade or Tsubasa did with their weapons.

Berserk mode + a weapon = destruction

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Anonymous said... [reply]

-It still saddens me that Ryoko could possibly be the main antagonist of the show.
-So Chris is just a slave in love...I think.
-Miku and Kanade are still the same: One I want to give a big hug and cheer for while the other girl's death remains a travesty and the continuous teasing of her badassery is unfair. No wonder Tsubasa can't forget her.

-Hibiki's training paid off and she may get the role as protagonist of the upcoming She-Ra anime...teehee.

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