Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Senki Zesshou Symphogear episode 6 discussion

Episode 5 discussion can be viewed here

With Hibiki's training, she's become more musclar. Miku will wear out quickly whereas Hibiki can continue running far longer than she previosly could. They then take a a bath together. Miku notices how Hibiki has gotten more musclar and how many injuries she has. On clear inspection, tickling is the only cure -_^

They sleep together and now they bathe together

Hibiki is forced to blow off Miku again because she was asked to visit Tsubasa. She doesn't hate Hibiki anymore, but she can't replace Miku, just like Hibiki can't replace Kanade.She even blushes quite a few times. She's left her "just a weapon" phase and is now showing her cute side.

Tsubasa can be cute too

Miku found out quite a lot this episode, the muslces and injuries, Hibiki in the hospital and Hibiki's symphogear. How she'll react next episode... She should try to persuade Hibiki to stop fighting, but eventually join the team or at least visit a few times.

Miku only saw Hobiki in her symphogear because she met up at the wrong time. It's clear Chris doesn't want to hurt civilians, but then what's the point in fighting Hibiki? If she had killed Miku, Chris would have been killed by berserk mode. Miku is lucky to be alive, Chris just can't aim properly. Hibiki adds to the reason Chris shouldn't fight by telling her about personal details. Her last point was that she hasn't had a boyfriend because she has a girlfriend.

Chris has her reasons to fight, but we'll have to wait till it's revealed. Hibiki now has her reason to fight. Even without a weapon, she's still strong enough to take out an unbroken relic. I bet Miku thinks Hibiki lost. She needs some faith.

Finisher move

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