Monday, 20 February 2012

Senki Zesshou Symphogear episode 7 discussion

Episode 6 discussion can be viewed here

Hibiki just used her finisher move, bit Chris has a regeneration power. Hibiki is focused enough to have her eyes closed which is pretty much mocking. She learns her name which opens another chance to talk to the human side.

Chris removes the Nehushtan armour to sing her own song. Ichii-Bal seems much stronger even though it doesn't look like a completed relic. The only reason she uses Nehushtan is because she hates to sing. Why would she hate to sing when she can sing so well? Humming the tune when helping those children suggests otherwise.

She's better without the Nehushtan armour

Hibiki is losing badly, but Tsubasa saves her. With Tsubasa's new mindset, she doesn't want to lose anything precious to her again. Her skills have improved and now she can fight better. They are interrupted by Chris' master, Finé, setting noise to kill her.

On her way back, Chris finds 2 children. She thought they were fighting which almost led her to hitting them. She has a screwed up sense of justice, but she's only doing what she thinks is right. She's just a troubled girl looking for a place to belong.

Miku has become very distant to Hibiki. It was always going to happen because the sheer scale of secret Hibiki kept. I assume Miku knows, but we don't know what she was told. Whatever it was, they won't be sleeping together or anything more. I'm going to miss their love. Kiss and make up already.

Trouble in paradise

Chris was disowned, but with nowhere else to go, she returns to the mansion. She's told clearly that she's useless and is forced to fight against noise. Finé has a similar armour to Nehushtan called Kadingil. The only place she has left to return to is Hibiki.

Big bad

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Anonymous said... [reply]

It'll be interesting to see what Chris will do now that Fine disowned her. Will Hibiki willingly accept her luscious breasts?

I know this is Miku's 1st serious relationship but she needs to quickly learn that there will always be trouble in all romantic relationships. The best solution is to deal with them like civilized manner, come to a mutual understanding, kiss and snuggle.

I still think the Ryoko we are seeing right now is an impostor and the real Ryoko disappeared after the car crash or whatever it was.

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