Sunday, 26 February 2012

Senki Zesshou Symphogear episode 8 discussion

Chris is on the run from the noise Fine set on her. She destroys all the noise set on her just in time. She wasn't singing and was low on energy so she lost her armour and collapsed. Miku comes to save the day. Mustn't forget Miku almost got hit by one of Chris' attacks.

Both her and Chris seem to get pretty close. Chris is keeping her tsundere attitude, but she allows Miku to wash her back. Miku even misses school to look after her. She isn't close to Chris like she is with Hibiki so putting her panties on is a little too much.

Miku, don't forget Hibiki

Chris looks like she was a slave or a prisoner in the past. She will have lost her parents, been captured and "saved" by Fine.

She's cute, all that pain made her cold

The alarm for noise goes off which reminds her that she has put everyone around her in danger. As the target, she decides it is only right to fight for the people she put in danger. This is the first steps into the good side, soon enough she'll be fighting with Hibiki and Tsubasa.

She's still weakened so she can't sing her song to activate her armour. Genjurou comes in to save her. I don't think he'd be able to survive a direct attack by noise so making shields is a better idea, but it still shows his super strength. Noise are still low level enemies so once she sings, she can take care of them.

On Hibiki's side, she has a higher level noise to fight against. Miku and another woman are trapped in a building by an octopus. Miku wants to be useful so she distracts the noise and takes it out of the building. So Hibiki could have done what Miku did, but I guess saving the woman comes first. Their abilities were mixed up.

Miku may be pretty good at running, but everyone has a limit. Hibiki has further to travel to take it out, but at least there's a decoy. Without the decoy, I think she'd have had more trouble. Well done Miku, you were useful.

Welcome back HibikixMiku, we all missed you and we hope to never lose you again. A new photo seals their newborn love.

Pure love

Now Miku is in the know and is acknowledged by everyone, maybe she'll get to go on missions. I wouldn't mind hearing her sing a symphogear song either. She can take Hibiki's place and fight when she dies.

The didn't sleep that night

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Anonymous said... [reply]

Destiny brought Hibiki and Miku back together for their love was too strong to keep them apart for long. Miku has quickly become the greatest wife a lesbian could ever have. They deserve each other.

Poor Chris. she's betrayed far too many times by cruel adults. Hopefully she'll soon join the side of justice and be free from the pains of the past.
Miku never saw breasts bigger than her wife's so close to her, which is the main reason she was so overwhelmed by Cris. Chris x Miku...hmhmhmhmhm. Nah, Miku belongs to Hibiki and her alone.

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