Friday, 30 March 2012

Ano Natsu de Materru episode 12 discussion

Episode 11 discussion can be viewed here

In the previous episode, the drone was closing in on Ichika and knocked over the car. Thanks to Rinnon they were saved from a horrible accident. Lemon then steps up to take it out. Her van is a remote control robot which follows her infra red gun. Human technology is nothing compared to alien technology, but at least it won't go killing humans.

Why is Lemon so awesome?

Kanna is also still being chased and just happens to run into Manami. It's way too convenient. Her husband told her to go their, but they predicted Kanna's movements perfectly. Comparing a drone to a stalker is obviously an understatement. If she had stepped out of the car to sort "him" out, she  would has probably been ignored because Kanna has that device.

Mio and Tetsurou are still riding along the road and eventually run out of gas. It's not like they could run away forever especially since the drones seem to run on some kind of special power. Certainly not fuel, maybe it's works on the sun's energy.

Ichika and Kaito are left to run away from a new drone and are saved by her sister and Rinnon. Everyone's favourite cute alien saves the day. On their way to the lake, they have a nice conversation where Ichika states she will always love him. Repeating it really seems forced though.

Rinnon is both cute and awesome

Everyone is at their limit and they get help from the men in black. I'm not surprised they exist, I'm more surprised their name is MIB. I wonder what their alias is. If only this was a city, people would start asking questions. It would be much more interesting.

They get to the lake and see a vision of the past and a tree which would prove previous alien contact. They worked so hard for a broken tree which isn't enough to change the level of the planet.

Lights of the past

It's really disappointing, they really seemed like they were going to succeed, but Ichika optionally leaves to prevent anymore trouble. It's still very emotional for everyone involved, but it was the best Summer they had ever had.

Crying in space

Lemon returns to the FBI with Rinnon to design a spaceship. With Rinnon, they should easily succeed in making a fully functional ship. The movie they filmed in the Summer becomes one of the exhibits in the cultural festival. Instead of showing Ichika's return, we just get the end of the movie showing her wearing the sweater Kaito's sister bought and smiling.

Welcome home

If this ever extended I would like to see Mio and Tetsurou officially a couple and Kaito visiting Ichika's home planet.

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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Rinne no Lagrange episode 12 discussion

The episode starts off with Madoka and Lan filming a nice scene in the film club's next masterpiece.They can hide their feelings in real life, but this is where they can show their true feelings with the cover of their characters.

Is a kiss too much?

It turns out to be the last request for the Jersey club because both Lan and Muginami are going home. It won't last long because there is a second season. Lan is given a farewell party on returning to her home planet.

Before Lan leaves, she visits the Hill of Vows where Madoka and Lan make the vow that Lan and Muginami will return and meet again. The only problem I can see will be Einstein's theory of relativity. Assuming Lan and Muginami actually go travelling around the universe, they would age slower than on Earth. Lan should know about this because she believes they might never see each other again. Maybe space travel is advanced enough to prevent time travel.

Nice view

The blossoming of Rinne certainly seemed to be dangerous where it destroyed Ovids within a certain radius. If left alone, it would have probably ended the world especially since it acted like a black hole. Moid is certainly happy and I agree, this is the most interesting part, we should enjoy it while it lasts.

I can't take him seriously with eyes closed

Madoka has a conversation with a mystery girl. She looks like Yurikano in the flashback of episode 9. This can only mean she also piloted Midori and might have died from the first blossoming or another reason. Her conversation gives her enough motivation to choose her own path.

Flashback Yurikano

Madoka comes  back to her senses and brings back the other two girls to stop the blossom with a final big blossom. Finding out her sister is alive is just an added bonus and at that very moment, Midori ceases all movements.

It's another flower

With Midori out of commission, Villagiuliio takes this chance to attack, but is blocked by Lan's older brother. Muginami isn't completely over Villagiulio because of calling him Onii-chan. I can only assume she saved him and he should have no more reason to fight. With the battle over,thus starts the long goodbye between Lan and Madoka. Prolonging it will only make it harder when you realise she's gone. With both Muginami and Lan gone, Madoka goes back to life as if nothing happened.

Turns out Asteria has a mark similar to the girls. Now I really want to see her fly. The guys have decided to work for Madoka's uncle and Array still wears his maid outfit. I hope he never changes.

A loli's chest is heaven

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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Senki Zesshou Symphogear episode 12 discussion

Episode 11 discussion can be viewed here

Hibiki went fully berserk mode instead of just her head. She might have managed to keep under control if Fine hadn't insulted Chris' sacrifice, but this is a more interesting development. Hate and destroy until you're all tired out.

Berserk mode

The explanation to why she goes berserk is finally given. With the fragments of Gungnir so close to her heart, she is being overrun by too much power. She might be strong enough to damage Fine to the point that would kill a normal human, but it isn't enough due to her recovery abilities. She hasn't lost anything because of the ability to fire the cannon more than once. Chris' sacrifice really was useless, but it did give them more time for the other two to save the day instead.

Before Tsubasa can get the chance to destroy the cannon, she needs to face Hibiki. I'd prefer to see a full on brawl, but skill also has some merit. Preventing her movement with shadestitcher will save her a lot of time and  energy for her fight with Fine.

Even monsters can cry

Her main aim is to destroy the tower so a little distraction of fighting helps her reach her objective. Looks like Chris' sacrifice was worth something, except for the fact that Tsubasa is also out of commission. Assuming she actually destroyed the moon and broke the so called curse on language, there is no guarantee she'd get to meet this god she so badly wants to see. I expect any God would get bored of their first world and to go off creating new worlds. that's at least what I would do. Fine shouldn't go insulting Hibiki's "lack" of love. Afterall, she has Miku.

The side characters had very pointless development. They were introduced before, but I didn't take any interest in them. In the previous episode, there was more character development and it was just as pointless. They have their five minutes of fame to reawaken Hibiki's senses through singing, but expect to be forgotten. Their only positive comment is referencing not being in an anime world when clearly we know they are.

With her senses back, she shouts out symphogear. I thought Chris would be dead or at least heavily damaged from her swan song. Tsubasa was bound to be alright, she has a stronger resolve and seems to have just disabled her symphogear through too much power exertion. Knowing everyone is alright, she has her resolve and seems to have a brighter symphogear along with Tsubasa and Chris.


I don't know how Hibiki will die, if I didn't know about her death, I wouldn't even think about it. My guess is she could use her swan song and go into a coma like Tsubasa and without a Miku spirit like Tsubasa has Kanade, it'll take longer for her to wake up. It seems like the last we've seen of berserk mode, but with Gungnir so close to her heart, that could also be the reason.

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Saturday, 24 March 2012

Black★Rock Shooter episode 8 discussion

With Yuu forcing all her pain onto Black Rock Shooter and with no way out for Mato, Strength sacrifices herself in order to send Yuu back to reality. Strength starts breaking up causing Yuu's movements to stop. Black Rock Shooter takes this opportunity to strike while Mato stops her movements to save her precious friend. These emotions are powerful enough to escape from the other selves. The one most at fault and with the most to lose was Yuu. She would lose her other self abe forced back into reality to bare her own pain. Yet if she had killed Black Rock Shooter, Mato would have also gone back to reality, but possibly losing the most memories. Mato is strong unlike Yuu.

Take it out on Black Rock Shooter
Now you appreciate her...

With Mato free from Black Rock Shooter and in the original blue form, she explains her feelings and how she doesn't think it is right for Black Rock Shooter to bare all her pain. Words would never work on someone who has spent their entire life fighting, only fighting will create the correct conversation.

Black Rock Shooter vs Mato

All the girls who died in the other world start to cry and remember the good times instead of the bad times. It might be from the other selves realising just how important the girls are. It was predictable that the other selves would come, but to make a rainbow canon was totally unexpected. Every world joined into the canon and when shot created a new world of pure white. Instead of creating a world like the fate of the little bird, it was bright.

Rainbow canon

Strength with no more strength to live crumbles into sparkling dust and adds beautiful colours to the pure white world. Yuu forced into reality, but isn't alone, she has Mato and many other new friends to make. Most likely she'll live with Saya as she has no home to return to, but instead has the first friend she made to return to. Only problem I see is how Strength's non physical body became Yuu's physical body.

Smile of orange
Add caption

The other selves continue to fight in the newly created world to bare the pain of the girls in reality. It's not like they can change, they are emotionless fighting machines. Maybe now they just won't aim to kill each other.

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Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! episode 11 discussion

Sora has dreams of her and Yuuta getting married. At first it seems like a yuri scene with Miu, but her dream is to be with Yuuta. As a tsundere she won't admit it, but she'll always love him. Her rejection is kinda cruel, Yuuta is a great guy and is sure to return her love when she confesses. It has a nice relationship development and now it should become reality. In the end, even her dreams show she is happiest with Miu and Hina in the small apartment.

Stop denying your love

Sora goes out shopping with Raika and it becomes obvious that Hina is the one everyone loves. Hina is so cute so I can't blame them, but Sora and Miu have their charms too.

Noticeable factors which show the girls health start appearing. Hina sneezing and developing a fever, Sora and Miu sleeping in sleeping during the day and Sora not attending her club. Yuuta's aunt comes over to his apartment with a letter and to inform him on what he missed about the girls. She cleans up the apartment and removes Totoro. How dare she ruin Hina's art?

Bath time

The letter states one of the girls relatives has changed his mind and is willing to take all the girls in. It's still up to Yuuta to decide whether to accept the offer, but this is beneficial to everyone. Yuuta can get back to his studies, while all the girls will stay together. It's all about whether he can let go of something that will get better as he grows more accustomed to each situation. It's a difficult decision, but obvious answer is give the girls to the relative even if I don't actually expect that ending.

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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Ano Natsu de Materru episode 11 discussion

Episode 10 discussion can be viewed here

Ichika's sister, Emika Takatsuki, came to Earth to save Ichika from being trapped on Earth. If only the escape pod wasn't summoned and destroyed, she probably would have been fine. She introduces Kaito as her boyfriend which doesn't go down well. Contact is forbidden so love would be off the charts.


Ichika went missing on a level F planet where contact is forbidden and now a rescue party is coming to save her, but even with optical camouflage, escape pods will still cause quite a bit of disturbance. I guess they're just lucky to live in such a rural area. Unable to bare the news of leaving Kaito, she teleports with Rinnon to where Kanna is. She never wanted to leave Kaito, but it's the safest option. She would probably have left if it wasn't for everyone holding her back. It certainly is better she doesn't leave her friends.

Pain of leaving

With her mind made up, she aims to find that place and to hide from the search party. I guess there is no Internet connection where they live or they'd have used something like Google maps. The resources were good enough to locate the lake though. It's no longer about finding that place for herself but to find evidence of previous contact with aliens to improve Earth from level F.

With the search party preventing teleporting, the only option left is for Lemon, a 17 year old girl, to drive a van there. I'm sure she isn't really 17, but has an eternal loli body. She's always known the situation about aliens and was always ready. It's getting more interesting and intense, cliffhangers are annoying, but now I'll just need to watch it as soon as it's released next week.

Driving license?

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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Rinne no Lagrange episode 11 discussion

On her way to the base, Madoka thoughts activate Midori. Her thoughts are then transmitted directly to Lan and Muginami. Her honest opinion was she didn't want to be left behind and probably only stayed behind because of her orders. Without her, Muginami and Lan are doing a decent job to start with. Too bad they got overwhelmed way too easily. They didn't receive any strategic advice so they never stood a chance, but at least they do give backup.

The three guys have done a great job in protecting Earth. They were never evil and now I'm wondering if Villgiulio is evil. If Kiss' objective is to destroy or seize the Vox to prevent the legend, then they should just avoid fighting. Remove the fighting, then there is no reason to use the Vox. This is the case if this is Kiss' objective.

working together
Lan's "wan" isn't dead just yet. I hope she never gets depressed over her cutest quality. It might have started as a lie, but now it's the biggest truth to your cuteness.

Lan says wan

Madoka is needed and even Tadokoro realises this. He requests it from Asteria but is refused. Tadokoro is about to let Madoka fly against Asteria's orders, but at the same time, Asteria is influenced by Madoka's cousin putting faith in the three of them. Madoka gets to fly and as expected she goes out of control. This is because of seeing her cousin unconscious and possibly dead.

I blame the base for not evacuating the town, but Rinne blossoming is something I want to see. A chain reaction causes Lan and Muginami to go out of control. It's all Madoka's fault. We don't know what the blossoming means, but with a flower landning on Madoka's cousin, could it bring her back to life?

The first real death?

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Monday, 19 March 2012

Senki Zesshou Symphogear episode 11 discussion

Miku has taken her role pretty seriously helping all the students get to somewhere safe. Too bad even she can't help the expendable soldiers. I thought they knew already, guns don't work on noise. Having anyone die in front of you is certainly an unpleasant scene. Lucky Miku is a main character or she'd die too. Running around the school looking for survivors is a death wish. Ogawa was there to help her so all is fine.

RIP expendable character

Miku might be safe, but Ogawa is the target of Fine for trying to reveal the real location of the tower to Genjurou. Miku has the sense of being a hero now and would never let someone die in front of her. The most she can do is attract the attention of Fine and find out the music school was built for researching their singing and the relics.

Genjurou joins the fight to stop Fine. Even his shockwaves are powerful enough to damage her armour. So a direct attack will cause some real damage. As soon as he saw her as an emeny, he should never have let down his guard when she acted like Ryouko. I think he's strong enough to survive any kind of wound so a simple wound like that would never kill him.

Genjurou vs Fine / Ryouko

Hibiki, Chris and Tsubasa come to fight the noise and Fine. As it turns out, Ryouko was taken over by the personality of the priestess Fine. her personality awoke because of Tsubasa awakening her symphogear. Fine's goal is to destroy the moon with the tower, which is a canon, to break the curse of Balal. The original story of building the tower is the same as the tower of Babel from the bible. The tower was destroyed and the humans couldn't communicate with each other anymore.

Destroying the moon could break the curse, but the Earth's oceans may cause some problems. To save the world, they all fight together as a team.

Chris, Hibiki and Tsubasa vs Fine

No matter how hard they fight, they aren't anywhere close to Fine's strength. Chris sings her swan song to counter the canon. It did damage the moon, but not enough to destroy it. The only option left is for Hibiki to go berserk, save the day and die.

chris' swan song

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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Black★Rock Shooter episode 7 discussion

Episode 6 discussion can be viewed here

Saya can't interact with Black Gold Saw like Mato who is trapped or Yuu who upgrades Strength the same way as Mato did. The most she could do was call out to Mato. It showed progress even if it didn't free Mato. If she can't do anything, there is no point in trying again just to fail.  This leaves Yuu who is actually Strength to help Mato.


So with Yuu actually being Strength, it explains why she doesn't have a shadow and why she hasn't aged. Well kind of... I expect Strength to have taken over Yuu's body, but that should mean she would age like Saya still. It just means Mato befriended Strength, not Yuu.

Strength did a better job than Saya since Mato actually responded. Mato managed to hold a little control, but Black Rock Shooter shoots her own legs. To escape Mato has to reject Black rock Shooter even though she is her other self.

It then goes onto a video interview type situation where they explain Mato is happy, but hides her true feelings. I wonder who's behind the camera. Most likely it's Yomi. Mato realises she is running away from painful things.

Strength gets an upgrade which leads her to getting the upperhand on Black Rock Shooter. Strength is trapped in Yuu just like Mato is trapped. I'm unsure if Yuu is evil, but she chose the world with less pain leaving strength to live in the real world. She knowingly trapped strength to upgrade and defeat Black Rock Shooter. Yuu's painful life was enough to give Strength emotions and gave her a will to live. Yuu is just betraying Strength for all the time she burdened Yuu's pain.


Mato has gone missing which causes Yomi pain when she can't properly remember Mato. Yomi's pain is due to Mato not paying enough attention to her. Remembering her pain, but acknowledging her as a friend revives Dead Master. With both Strength and Mato trapped, only Dead Master is able to help them come to their senses.

Dead Master

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Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! episode 10 discussion

Episode 9 discussion can be viewed here

Sora is struggling to keep up with everything going on in her life. She has choir, failed classes and she has to pick up Hina from daycare. They kind of overlap which is why she was late to picking up Hina. This leads to quiting the club to help take care of her younger sister. She gave up way too easily, this was the best for Hina, not herself. The bad grades and struggles would only make Yuuta worry so they decide to keep it a secret.


Kurumi's character died in the anime LunanLuna 7 which means she's out of work. Hina is still emotionally attached to the characters so she can't help but cry. The anime would have good endings most of the time, so there is nothing to worry about.

Good times and bad times

With Kurumi officially out of work, she drinks her sorrows away. She's drunk enough to claim she quit voice acting, but without another path, she was always going to go back. Yeah... it's a great idea to waste money on alcohol when you don't have a job to support you... It at least gave Yuuta some up close and personal time with her. Maybe she can join his harem. He's a nice guy, but he'll never get this chance again.

Quickly, before you lose the opportunity

Sora meets up with Kurumi when she goes to wash her clothes. It helps her realise she really does love singing and gave up too easily. Only after receiving encouragement from Raika and Yuuta, she decides to return to singing. Kurumi meets up with Sora to tell her she has more voice acting work. Sora will do her best to sing while Kurumi will do her best in what she loves.

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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Ano Natsu de Materru episode 10 discussion

Rinnon got lucky this episode. Kaito was dreaming about his kiss with Ichika. Rinnon is cute, but he should stick to his own species. Ichika and Kaito are together thanks to Kanna helping Ichika make a move. They've gotten closer now they are together which makes great material for Lemon. Giving a condom to them is only another chance to film.

Sweet love
Tetsurou told the others Kanna is sick, but she's in bed because she isn't completely over her feelings. Confessing later in the episode seems to have helped her move forward.


The reason Mio likes Tetsurou is way to simple, but perhaps knowing her name shows possibilities in her eyes. Everything will have escalated from there only building up her feelings. Tetsurou is a nice guy so it's not surprising someone would fall for him. Because she has always watched him, she realised he had feelings for kanna. Kanna let go of Kaito and Mio is willing to let go of Tetsurou. They happily let go of their own feelings to make other people happy. Even Tetsurou confesses to Kanna, but I still see him ending up with Mio since she is the one that comforts him afterwards.

Choose her already

Ichika's character in the movie has decided to stay in on Earth which is exactly what she is planning to do now. Ichika's sister shows up, probably to take her home after the escape pod failed. Once she sees how happy she is with Kaito, she will easily come around. Her personality doesn't seem like she will force her home and only wants what is best for her.

The sister

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Monday, 12 March 2012

Rinne no Lagrange episode 10 discussion

School girl plus bread

This episode was the school festival that was being prepared in the previous episode. Madoka's logic is since they helped all those clubs with their exhibits, they are the exhibits for the Jersey club. This entitles them to go round trying the clubs. Even if they didn't help, they'd have visited them anyway.

They wear the same sweats as Madoka as they go around school. Where the sweats are the master, the skirt is a servant. Lan is cute when she fails at making a joke.

Failures are cute

Lan and Muginami have orders to attack the enemy, but were told not to tell Madoka. If she knew, she would have wanted to help. Even if she isn't going to fly, at least it would allow her to be part of the action.

Lan was so confident about the haunted house since she did the makeup, but she came out crying for her brother. Muginami is cruel, your suppose to make her cry them make her feel better. You'll only decrease the love points.

Scared is cute

The girls meet up with the chairman, but Lan and Muginami leave to help with other clubs. This makes Madoka feel lonely because she can't hang out with her friends. She would have been much happier if she was working with one of the clubs and even happier if they had stayed together.

With only the chairman left with her, Madoka visits the rest of the exhibits in the festival. The best tasting food is always the worst for your body, but these festivals don't happen all the time. The chairman harassing Madoka is also worth something. Cleaning her face and groping her breasts and is still abusing her position in the best way possible.


The boys decide to fight for Yurikano not Villagiulio. Yurikano wouldn't want them to fight, but for now they seem to be on his side to destroy the Vox. They have their own reasons for fighting and will stick by their decisions. We'll see if their decision to fight is worth it when they have to fight against Lan with Orca and Muginami with Hupo.

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