Thursday, 22 March 2012

Ano Natsu de Materru episode 11 discussion

Episode 10 discussion can be viewed here

Ichika's sister, Emika Takatsuki, came to Earth to save Ichika from being trapped on Earth. If only the escape pod wasn't summoned and destroyed, she probably would have been fine. She introduces Kaito as her boyfriend which doesn't go down well. Contact is forbidden so love would be off the charts.


Ichika went missing on a level F planet where contact is forbidden and now a rescue party is coming to save her, but even with optical camouflage, escape pods will still cause quite a bit of disturbance. I guess they're just lucky to live in such a rural area. Unable to bare the news of leaving Kaito, she teleports with Rinnon to where Kanna is. She never wanted to leave Kaito, but it's the safest option. She would probably have left if it wasn't for everyone holding her back. It certainly is better she doesn't leave her friends.

Pain of leaving

With her mind made up, she aims to find that place and to hide from the search party. I guess there is no Internet connection where they live or they'd have used something like Google maps. The resources were good enough to locate the lake though. It's no longer about finding that place for herself but to find evidence of previous contact with aliens to improve Earth from level F.

With the search party preventing teleporting, the only option left is for Lemon, a 17 year old girl, to drive a van there. I'm sure she isn't really 17, but has an eternal loli body. She's always known the situation about aliens and was always ready. It's getting more interesting and intense, cliffhangers are annoying, but now I'll just need to watch it as soon as it's released next week.

Driving license?

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