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Ano Natsu de Materru episode 12 discussion

Episode 11 discussion can be viewed here

In the previous episode, the drone was closing in on Ichika and knocked over the car. Thanks to Rinnon they were saved from a horrible accident. Lemon then steps up to take it out. Her van is a remote control robot which follows her infra red gun. Human technology is nothing compared to alien technology, but at least it won't go killing humans.

Why is Lemon so awesome?

Kanna is also still being chased and just happens to run into Manami. It's way too convenient. Her husband told her to go their, but they predicted Kanna's movements perfectly. Comparing a drone to a stalker is obviously an understatement. If she had stepped out of the car to sort "him" out, she  would has probably been ignored because Kanna has that device.

Mio and Tetsurou are still riding along the road and eventually run out of gas. It's not like they could run away forever especially since the drones seem to run on some kind of special power. Certainly not fuel, maybe it's works on the sun's energy.

Ichika and Kaito are left to run away from a new drone and are saved by her sister and Rinnon. Everyone's favourite cute alien saves the day. On their way to the lake, they have a nice conversation where Ichika states she will always love him. Repeating it really seems forced though.

Rinnon is both cute and awesome

Everyone is at their limit and they get help from the men in black. I'm not surprised they exist, I'm more surprised their name is MIB. I wonder what their alias is. If only this was a city, people would start asking questions. It would be much more interesting.

They get to the lake and see a vision of the past and a tree which would prove previous alien contact. They worked so hard for a broken tree which isn't enough to change the level of the planet.

Lights of the past

It's really disappointing, they really seemed like they were going to succeed, but Ichika optionally leaves to prevent anymore trouble. It's still very emotional for everyone involved, but it was the best Summer they had ever had.

Crying in space

Lemon returns to the FBI with Rinnon to design a spaceship. With Rinnon, they should easily succeed in making a fully functional ship. The movie they filmed in the Summer becomes one of the exhibits in the cultural festival. Instead of showing Ichika's return, we just get the end of the movie showing her wearing the sweater Kaito's sister bought and smiling.

Welcome home

If this ever extended I would like to see Mio and Tetsurou officially a couple and Kaito visiting Ichika's home planet.

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Rei said... [reply]

Haha. Doubt there will be any OVA because the ending was jut nice. But I guess an OVA would be good. Just to explain a little bit of the unanswered question. Plus in the end Tetsurou chooses no one.

♥EcchiCatgirl♥ said... [reply]

We all know Tetsurou chose Mio, he just can't show everyone or the Kanna x Tetsurou fans will complain.

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