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Ano Natsu de Materru episode 9 discussion

Episode 8 discussion can be viewed here

Everyone now knows Ichika is an alien, but nothing has actually changed. She caused Kaito's death and illness several times when she came and in the previous episode. I think she could have blamed a third party until she teleported and admitted it, but that's when there was no turning back. She isn't a murderous alien like you see in the movies so there's no reason to hate her.

We forgive you

Now we get to see her alien clothes in all their beauty. She had them on in episode 2, but the crash was more interesting and made it difficult to see what she was wearing.


Lemon claims to be a men in black agent. It's plausible up to a point since she always knows the current situation, not to mention she has gone undercover several times to film everyone. She has the skills and is probably older than 17.

Mio and Kanna sleeping together

Kaito has a dream that Ichika will leave to go back to her home in space. There are signs of her choosing to stay. Ichika should stay or Kaito should go with her. Anyway to keep them together would be a nice ending. Especially since Kaito was taking photos of the place Ichika described in hopes that it's the correct place.

Kanna notices Kaito helping Ichika and forwards the information. This is enough to have her finally make a move of her own. Kanna moved past her feelings to make Kaito happy. It's a hard enough blow to cause tears, but Tetsurou is there to comfort her. Only Mio is left alone. Choose Mio, she is cuter.


Ichika and Kaito kiss for the first romantic time. It took 9 episodes to finally get to this point. I don't think staying on Earth is the best idea since she will miss her home planet at some point. She can't go back home, but her relatives should be able to visit Earth.

About damn time

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Rei said... [reply]

Couldn't really care what happened to Ichika and Kaito. What matter is what happened to Kanna, Mio and Tetsurou. I find the story to be much better if Kanna was in it. Now I'm not sure who Tetsurou wants. My advice get both! lol

♥EcchiCatgirl♥ said... [reply]


I wouldn't mind all three of them being together. The problem with harems or love chains, someone will miss out, but it can be an interesting story.

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