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Black★Rock Shooter episode 5 discussion

Episode 4 discussion can be viewed here

Black Rock Shooter is fighting against the minions from Dead master. None of them are a problem, just a way to fill up the start of the episode.

Two heads are better than one

Yomi has learnt to put on a really good poker face, keeping all her probblems inside her mind and her house. It isn't that strange to create something out of hair, though today we stick to sheep hair. I suppose giving a hair bracelet is kind of similar to canabilism. In art class, she cuts her hair probably to create another of her bracelets.

It's still very beautiful

Everyone now knows she's gone insane, but Kagari goes up to Mato and directly says it. She is right though, Yomi's heart did break in the other world. The chains represented Kagari's hold, but breaking her heart seems to have caused paranoia and insanity.

Yuu confronts Saya about breaking Yomi, but realty Saya only gave advice. You can't force someone to lose their mind, but you can quicken the process.

Mato has taken refuge in the only pure part of her life, the book she loves. I assumed it would be a happy book, but it turns out to be a painful ending. Though it still has pages to give us a real ending. She falls asleep and dreams them fighting in the other world. After waking up, she escapes reality by deciding the future for the little bird. Perhaps death is the best future when considering this messed up world.

Mato makes her way to Saya's office, but is given the advice to die for Yomi. Saya even goes as far to put her hands round her neck. I can't see how Yomi would improve by losing Mato, Yomi seems to have broken over a variety of reasons. Her painting shows Mato is one reason, but she isn't the only reason.

Tears of blood

Yuu disapears in a way to suggest she never existed except for Mato. I didn't pay much attention to Kohachi not knowing her in episode 3. I took it as Mato is more important, therefore Yuu isn't important. As the most likely place being her house, she heads there to find her. To be by a river, that means they played in the water whenever Mato went over to play.

Yuu explains the other world is real and when the other self dies, the memories of that pain dies along with that other self. Yuu have the ability to send Mato to the other world, but sends her at the end of the battle.

She has no shadow? I was too focused on what looks like a kiss

Mato sees Dead Master die by her hand. This is better because if she had come in the middle of the fight, she would have had to fight, the other selves don't seem to have emotion like humans, they just fight. So Yomi wouldn't listen to a random talk from Black Rock Shooter.

After seeing death first hand, she should be next  to go insane

Yuu says it was the only way. Black Rock Shooter may be the only one that will be able to kill Black Gold Saw. She seems to have a power up, a purple flame now covers her eye.

Purple flame

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Anonymous said... [reply]

BRS will go all Satsui no Hadou on BGS' ass next week and the insanity will continue. As far as the nation is concerned, Yuu kissed Mato.

Poor Yomi. All she wanted was to be loved and needed...but Mato's also immature when it comes to love. Hopefully now that Mato knows the truth, there's still hope.

Rei said... [reply]

Finally everything make sense now but still the story is still hard to follow. I doubt it was actually a kiss btw. I think it's just them bumping their forehead together, but I know most of them said it was a kiss, which for me doesn't really make any sense.

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