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Black★Rock Shooter episode 8 discussion

With Yuu forcing all her pain onto Black Rock Shooter and with no way out for Mato, Strength sacrifices herself in order to send Yuu back to reality. Strength starts breaking up causing Yuu's movements to stop. Black Rock Shooter takes this opportunity to strike while Mato stops her movements to save her precious friend. These emotions are powerful enough to escape from the other selves. The one most at fault and with the most to lose was Yuu. She would lose her other self abe forced back into reality to bare her own pain. Yet if she had killed Black Rock Shooter, Mato would have also gone back to reality, but possibly losing the most memories. Mato is strong unlike Yuu.

Take it out on Black Rock Shooter
Now you appreciate her...

With Mato free from Black Rock Shooter and in the original blue form, she explains her feelings and how she doesn't think it is right for Black Rock Shooter to bare all her pain. Words would never work on someone who has spent their entire life fighting, only fighting will create the correct conversation.

Black Rock Shooter vs Mato

All the girls who died in the other world start to cry and remember the good times instead of the bad times. It might be from the other selves realising just how important the girls are. It was predictable that the other selves would come, but to make a rainbow canon was totally unexpected. Every world joined into the canon and when shot created a new world of pure white. Instead of creating a world like the fate of the little bird, it was bright.

Rainbow canon

Strength with no more strength to live crumbles into sparkling dust and adds beautiful colours to the pure white world. Yuu forced into reality, but isn't alone, she has Mato and many other new friends to make. Most likely she'll live with Saya as she has no home to return to, but instead has the first friend she made to return to. Only problem I see is how Strength's non physical body became Yuu's physical body.

Smile of orange
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The other selves continue to fight in the newly created world to bare the pain of the girls in reality. It's not like they can change, they are emotionless fighting machines. Maybe now they just won't aim to kill each other.

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feal87 said... [reply]

Strength is so cute, fortunately she is still alive in the other world...:(

Anonymous said... [reply]

And all our heroines lives happily ever after as they had a glorious "Je ne sais quoi".

Rainbow Cannon FTW!

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