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Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! episode 10 discussion

Episode 9 discussion can be viewed here

Sora is struggling to keep up with everything going on in her life. She has choir, failed classes and she has to pick up Hina from daycare. They kind of overlap which is why she was late to picking up Hina. This leads to quiting the club to help take care of her younger sister. She gave up way too easily, this was the best for Hina, not herself. The bad grades and struggles would only make Yuuta worry so they decide to keep it a secret.


Kurumi's character died in the anime LunanLuna 7 which means she's out of work. Hina is still emotionally attached to the characters so she can't help but cry. The anime would have good endings most of the time, so there is nothing to worry about.

Good times and bad times

With Kurumi officially out of work, she drinks her sorrows away. She's drunk enough to claim she quit voice acting, but without another path, she was always going to go back. Yeah... it's a great idea to waste money on alcohol when you don't have a job to support you... It at least gave Yuuta some up close and personal time with her. Maybe she can join his harem. He's a nice guy, but he'll never get this chance again.

Quickly, before you lose the opportunity

Sora meets up with Kurumi when she goes to wash her clothes. It helps her realise she really does love singing and gave up too easily. Only after receiving encouragement from Raika and Yuuta, she decides to return to singing. Kurumi meets up with Sora to tell her she has more voice acting work. Sora will do her best to sing while Kurumi will do her best in what she loves.

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