Saturday, 24 March 2012

Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! episode 11 discussion

Sora has dreams of her and Yuuta getting married. At first it seems like a yuri scene with Miu, but her dream is to be with Yuuta. As a tsundere she won't admit it, but she'll always love him. Her rejection is kinda cruel, Yuuta is a great guy and is sure to return her love when she confesses. It has a nice relationship development and now it should become reality. In the end, even her dreams show she is happiest with Miu and Hina in the small apartment.

Stop denying your love

Sora goes out shopping with Raika and it becomes obvious that Hina is the one everyone loves. Hina is so cute so I can't blame them, but Sora and Miu have their charms too.

Noticeable factors which show the girls health start appearing. Hina sneezing and developing a fever, Sora and Miu sleeping in sleeping during the day and Sora not attending her club. Yuuta's aunt comes over to his apartment with a letter and to inform him on what he missed about the girls. She cleans up the apartment and removes Totoro. How dare she ruin Hina's art?

Bath time

The letter states one of the girls relatives has changed his mind and is willing to take all the girls in. It's still up to Yuuta to decide whether to accept the offer, but this is beneficial to everyone. Yuuta can get back to his studies, while all the girls will stay together. It's all about whether he can let go of something that will get better as he grows more accustomed to each situation. It's a difficult decision, but obvious answer is give the girls to the relative even if I don't actually expect that ending.

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