Saturday, 3 March 2012

Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! episode 8 discussion

Yuuta expresses his situation and apologises for not informing about the situation sooner. The landlady, Sawa, restates the month notice forcing him leave and find a new apartment. The girls are not with him, but if they were there, she might have changed her opinion almost straight away. Even children have opinions in the vast world. She jumps to the conclusion of the girls being better with real adults since she doesn't know Yuuta saved them from splitting up.

Candy was received, candy was put into the items pocket
In the worst case scenario Raika offers to take all three of them in. However, she didn't suggest anything about Yuuta; he can go live with Sako. The daydream he has was nice and portrayed his ideal family, but he needs to remember he is their uncle. It's ok to have Raika, but she missed the obvious quote. "Do you want dinner, a bath or me?" His fetishes increase by newlywed kisses.

Raika, Sako and Kouichi offer to help find a new apartment. The one they are currently in is small and cozy which allows them to sleep together each night. Sora and Yuuta go with them to visit the other apartments only to have Sako complain Miu didn't come. instead of violence, it cuts to the picture below.

This is better than violence any day

The apartments they visit are the same price, but don't suit them or more expensive which wouldn't work. None of them work out.

Back at the apartment, Sawa is getting paid late by the voice actress. Hina comes into the scene realising she's in trouble acting just as cute as ever. When Sawa is finished, Hina calls her oba- tan. As a 29 year old woman, she doesn't like being called that because it suggests she's old and shouts she's 29.  Hina cries as well as attacks her with ice cream.

Ice cream is her weapon, bunny is her shield

Sawa and Hina have a bath to clean up from the ice cream while Miu waits outside. Sawa hears the girls' story again, but still believes Yuuta doesn't have the resources and might abandon them if he runs out. Hina finds it fun and is happy because everyone is with her.

Hina and Sawa in the bath

Sawa's mother enters and forces her to change her mind. Hina has a strong enough bond now to stand up for her even though she was going to evict her family. Everything is sorted out by signing their names on a family contract. Next time Yuuta causes a problem,  she plans to take Hina. So Sako wants Miu and Hina, Raika wants all of them and Sawa wants Hina.

The prize if Yuuta fails

Sora and Miu head to school for the first time while Yuuta takes Hina to daycare. Hina makes friends quickly because of everyone liking LunaLuna. Everything worked out fine and they can stay in the apartment.

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Rei said... [reply]

Aaawww. The girl is so cute. :D
I've yet to see this anime.

♥EcchiCatgirl♥ said... [reply]


Hope you watch it at some point.
Hina is the main reason I watch which is why there are so many pictures of her.

Rei said... [reply]

Well that explained pretty much. I might give it a try in the future. I've still loads of anime to be watched >_<

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