Saturday, 10 March 2012

Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! episode 9 discussion

Episode 8 discussion can be viewed here

This episode is focused on Miu and her date with Kouichi. It's cute like every other PapaKiki episode.

Sora and Miu head to school by train. It seems like it's the first time they've been in rush hour. The whole journey took 1.5 hours, but compared to being split up, this is still the better option. Having a loving family will always be better.

Miu hasn't really change to the viewer, but in the series living with Yuuta and on a smaller income has really changed her lifestyle. To her classmates, she seems stressed and pitiful.

She's cute when she naps

Miu meets with Kouichi and go on a date. They hit it off very well on their first meeting, but it's still considered a crime. He's a gentleman, unlike Sako. The first place on their date is the aquarium where they interact nicely with the sealife.

Ooh Mambo

They are mistaken for siblings because no one would ever think a university student would date a middle school student. They play it off by Kouichi acting like he is her boyfriend. They work well together. The blonde, idol type girl with the pretty boy who can get any girl he wants. They work well together so I hope to see more Miu x Kouichi moments.

Trying on clothes and taking pictures really highlight Miu's cuteness. Kouichi is lucky to hang out with a cute middle schooler, or maybe Miu is lucky to hang out with him.

Window shopping

She seems strong willed for a middle schooler. She keeps her emotions inside, but it looks like she has finished her moving forward into her new life. It's only right to move forward, completely locking out the world would cause regression into a weaker state.

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