Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Rinne no Lagrange episode 11 discussion

On her way to the base, Madoka thoughts activate Midori. Her thoughts are then transmitted directly to Lan and Muginami. Her honest opinion was she didn't want to be left behind and probably only stayed behind because of her orders. Without her, Muginami and Lan are doing a decent job to start with. Too bad they got overwhelmed way too easily. They didn't receive any strategic advice so they never stood a chance, but at least they do give backup.

The three guys have done a great job in protecting Earth. They were never evil and now I'm wondering if Villgiulio is evil. If Kiss' objective is to destroy or seize the Vox to prevent the legend, then they should just avoid fighting. Remove the fighting, then there is no reason to use the Vox. This is the case if this is Kiss' objective.

working together
Lan's "wan" isn't dead just yet. I hope she never gets depressed over her cutest quality. It might have started as a lie, but now it's the biggest truth to your cuteness.

Lan says wan

Madoka is needed and even Tadokoro realises this. He requests it from Asteria but is refused. Tadokoro is about to let Madoka fly against Asteria's orders, but at the same time, Asteria is influenced by Madoka's cousin putting faith in the three of them. Madoka gets to fly and as expected she goes out of control. This is because of seeing her cousin unconscious and possibly dead.

I blame the base for not evacuating the town, but Rinne blossoming is something I want to see. A chain reaction causes Lan and Muginami to go out of control. It's all Madoka's fault. We don't know what the blossoming means, but with a flower landning on Madoka's cousin, could it bring her back to life?

The first real death?

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Anonymous said... [reply]

As much as the paw is effective without her bark, it still feels incomplete without it.

Though pessimists will tell you Onee-chan's done for, you know my take on this matter so I need not explain.

feal87 said... [reply]

GoGoGo Madoka, resurrect Youko with some special power! :P

Shizuo said... [reply]

I'm also confused why the base are not evacuating the citizens. Like when three guys attacked the town, so what happened to Madoka's aunt and her some friends not need to happen!

Rei said... [reply]

I just hope Youko is still alive. Because if she isn't then the sotry with be a bit problematic for sure.

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