Thursday, 29 March 2012

Rinne no Lagrange episode 12 discussion

The episode starts off with Madoka and Lan filming a nice scene in the film club's next masterpiece.They can hide their feelings in real life, but this is where they can show their true feelings with the cover of their characters.

Is a kiss too much?

It turns out to be the last request for the Jersey club because both Lan and Muginami are going home. It won't last long because there is a second season. Lan is given a farewell party on returning to her home planet.

Before Lan leaves, she visits the Hill of Vows where Madoka and Lan make the vow that Lan and Muginami will return and meet again. The only problem I can see will be Einstein's theory of relativity. Assuming Lan and Muginami actually go travelling around the universe, they would age slower than on Earth. Lan should know about this because she believes they might never see each other again. Maybe space travel is advanced enough to prevent time travel.

Nice view

The blossoming of Rinne certainly seemed to be dangerous where it destroyed Ovids within a certain radius. If left alone, it would have probably ended the world especially since it acted like a black hole. Moid is certainly happy and I agree, this is the most interesting part, we should enjoy it while it lasts.

I can't take him seriously with eyes closed

Madoka has a conversation with a mystery girl. She looks like Yurikano in the flashback of episode 9. This can only mean she also piloted Midori and might have died from the first blossoming or another reason. Her conversation gives her enough motivation to choose her own path.

Flashback Yurikano

Madoka comes  back to her senses and brings back the other two girls to stop the blossom with a final big blossom. Finding out her sister is alive is just an added bonus and at that very moment, Midori ceases all movements.

It's another flower

With Midori out of commission, Villagiuliio takes this chance to attack, but is blocked by Lan's older brother. Muginami isn't completely over Villagiulio because of calling him Onii-chan. I can only assume she saved him and he should have no more reason to fight. With the battle over,thus starts the long goodbye between Lan and Madoka. Prolonging it will only make it harder when you realise she's gone. With both Muginami and Lan gone, Madoka goes back to life as if nothing happened.

Turns out Asteria has a mark similar to the girls. Now I really want to see her fly. The guys have decided to work for Madoka's uncle and Array still wears his maid outfit. I hope he never changes.

A loli's chest is heaven

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ogmansblog said... [reply]

I don't have to tell you what my taste in women both in 2D and 3D are so I won't waste your time.

Anyway, I agree with...most of your opinions on this show. Let's patiently wait for both the bonus OVA and the 2nd half.

Shizuo said... [reply]

At the beginning of the episode I was hoping there was a kissing scene between Madoka and Lan, LOL.

I'll wait patiently for the second season of this series. Especially for Madoka =)

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