Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Rinne no Lagrange episode 9 discussion

Villagiulio introduces the 3 guys to their new home. Array wears the maid outfit and for almost all of the episode, he doesn't complain about it. Maybe he actually enjoys all that attention, after all, wearing a maid outfit is hardly normal. He gets way to into his cute maid side and starts exploring, and no, I will never forget his exploration.

He's still cute

Woof isn't dead just yet; it was weak, but Lan will never let go of her cute greeting. Hopefully Lan will be fully back to normal by next episode.

Villagiulio told them not to go after the Vox, but going after the pilot is a different story. Izo runs off with a dagger in order to find Madoka. The only one who has a chance to find her is Kirius, but he has only heard her voice when in battle and doesn't know her face.

The girls are hard at work getting ready for the coming school festival. Muginami is a natural with a hammer, but Lan hits her fingers on more than one occasion.


Kirius sees a drowning child and heads to help, but trips over rope. Madoka with her usual school swimsuit is always ready to save a drowning child. Kirius gets her jersey and should have run away with it as it's her motivation and true power, if only he knew what it was.

Izo makes his way into the kendo club after being mistakened as a pervert and makes himself out to be Madoka's boyfriend. The kendo club girls jumped to that conclusion too quickly 2 others come in from sensing interesting talk about Madoka.

My Madoka senses are tingling

The girls to Izo and her uncle to Array even went on to talk about her mother. Her mother drowned in the ocean which left loneliness in her heart. The dull colour in the animation really does a great job in personifying her feelings. Youko did odd jobs back when Madoka was a child and became her role model. Only when she saves a drowning friend, Madoka cheers up.

Loli Madoka, the set is complete

All of the guys got a sense of realism. They know more about Madoka other than that she's powerful. Maybe they can come to Madoka's side. They aren't evil, just confused about the current situation. Destroying the Vox is their best option to prevent the legend, but all will lead up to the curse to make an interesting ending. There's suppose to be no romance (other than yuri) so I'm unsure how everything will go if they join Madoka's side.

Villagiulio now has the determination to destroy the Vox. I'm unsure whether he wants to prevent the legend or he just wants to monopolise power.

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Anonymous said... [reply]

Like I said, I am not concerned. They'd be total morons and suck ups to the lowest denominator (Meaning the Nisemonogatari fans) to go with such an obvious change of direction. Writers can't be that stupid. Besides, I've seen this before and I know it won't go anywhere. Trying to deceive me with naive schoolgirls with Madoka senses? Don't make me laugh writers.

Shizuo said... [reply]

I feel sorry for Lan's fingers >_<

Especially, when Muginami saw not a single nail is sticking properly and said "what are you dong?". Lan... >_<

Rei said... [reply]

I still have doubts to what Villa is trying to accomplish here. It seems like a surprise and I don't think Villa is the real boss here.

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