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Senki Zesshou Symphogear episode 10 discussion

Episode 9 discussion can be viewed here

Chris visits her old home where Fine was to find the soldiers dead. Of course she's not the one who did it, she isn't evil, she just wants to be alone. Besides, I'm sure Genjurou was following her so of course he knows she is innocent. Fine had set up a trap to kill them. I hope the guy that fell for the trap is dead, he deserves it for falling into such a simple trap. It was conceled well, but it just looks random.

It's a trap!

Genjurou and Chris were saved by his monstrous strength. She receives a way to pay for food. Before leaving, she tells him about Kadingir. Hibiki on a call mentions the time when Ryouko destroyed the noise. This is when Genjurou realises the traitor. It isn't that strange for Ryouko to have powers since Genjouro has powwrs, though his could just be inhuman brute strength.

According to Ryouko Kadingir is in a tower reaching to the heavens. Four large flying noise all head to Tokyo tower dispensing smaller noise as they go. It always felt like a decoy. I just couldn't see how the Kadingir could be in the tower. I figured it would be under the school, it's not exactly a tower because it was underground, but it is pretty deep underground and where Durandal was being kept.

Tokyo tower

Chris may be a tsundere at heart, but she is always going to help them because she's a good person. Tsundere do have the deredere part after all. Though it's not like she wanted to help them out, or anything, BAKA! I prefer her second song. Her first seems like tsuntsun while her second is like deredere. The second is just nicer to listen to.

Tsundere chan

Just as I predicted, Miku says the school is under attack before getting cut off. Will have to see what their real target is.

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Anonymous said... [reply]

It was obvious the Tower Attack was a decoy for the real target...probably Symphogear HQ.

Hurry Hibiki, your beloved is in danger and after the romantic confession, a dark cloud is looming closer and closer. I am worried.

Go Team Symphogear! For truth, justice, and yuri!

♥EcchiCatgirl♥ said... [reply]


Miku will be fine, Hibiki however...

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