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Senki Zesshou Symphogear episode 11 discussion

Miku has taken her role pretty seriously helping all the students get to somewhere safe. Too bad even she can't help the expendable soldiers. I thought they knew already, guns don't work on noise. Having anyone die in front of you is certainly an unpleasant scene. Lucky Miku is a main character or she'd die too. Running around the school looking for survivors is a death wish. Ogawa was there to help her so all is fine.

RIP expendable character

Miku might be safe, but Ogawa is the target of Fine for trying to reveal the real location of the tower to Genjurou. Miku has the sense of being a hero now and would never let someone die in front of her. The most she can do is attract the attention of Fine and find out the music school was built for researching their singing and the relics.

Genjurou joins the fight to stop Fine. Even his shockwaves are powerful enough to damage her armour. So a direct attack will cause some real damage. As soon as he saw her as an emeny, he should never have let down his guard when she acted like Ryouko. I think he's strong enough to survive any kind of wound so a simple wound like that would never kill him.

Genjurou vs Fine / Ryouko

Hibiki, Chris and Tsubasa come to fight the noise and Fine. As it turns out, Ryouko was taken over by the personality of the priestess Fine. her personality awoke because of Tsubasa awakening her symphogear. Fine's goal is to destroy the moon with the tower, which is a canon, to break the curse of Balal. The original story of building the tower is the same as the tower of Babel from the bible. The tower was destroyed and the humans couldn't communicate with each other anymore.

Destroying the moon could break the curse, but the Earth's oceans may cause some problems. To save the world, they all fight together as a team.

Chris, Hibiki and Tsubasa vs Fine

No matter how hard they fight, they aren't anywhere close to Fine's strength. Chris sings her swan song to counter the canon. It did damage the moon, but not enough to destroy it. The only option left is for Hibiki to go berserk, save the day and die.

chris' swan song

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Anonymous said... [reply]

We're almost near the end and the odds of it being a swerve become less and less. Ah well, that's how shows whose endings are given at the beginning of the series work. Personally I think movies with that kind of approach no longer work in this day and age but that's just me.

♥EcchiCatgirl♥ said... [reply]


In a movie I don't hold onto spoilers at the start, but with series it's different. It's worth holding to theorise.

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