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Senki Zesshou Symphogear episode 12 discussion

Episode 11 discussion can be viewed here

Hibiki went fully berserk mode instead of just her head. She might have managed to keep under control if Fine hadn't insulted Chris' sacrifice, but this is a more interesting development. Hate and destroy until you're all tired out.

Berserk mode

The explanation to why she goes berserk is finally given. With the fragments of Gungnir so close to her heart, she is being overrun by too much power. She might be strong enough to damage Fine to the point that would kill a normal human, but it isn't enough due to her recovery abilities. She hasn't lost anything because of the ability to fire the cannon more than once. Chris' sacrifice really was useless, but it did give them more time for the other two to save the day instead.

Before Tsubasa can get the chance to destroy the cannon, she needs to face Hibiki. I'd prefer to see a full on brawl, but skill also has some merit. Preventing her movement with shadestitcher will save her a lot of time and  energy for her fight with Fine.

Even monsters can cry

Her main aim is to destroy the tower so a little distraction of fighting helps her reach her objective. Looks like Chris' sacrifice was worth something, except for the fact that Tsubasa is also out of commission. Assuming she actually destroyed the moon and broke the so called curse on language, there is no guarantee she'd get to meet this god she so badly wants to see. I expect any God would get bored of their first world and to go off creating new worlds. that's at least what I would do. Fine shouldn't go insulting Hibiki's "lack" of love. Afterall, she has Miku.

The side characters had very pointless development. They were introduced before, but I didn't take any interest in them. In the previous episode, there was more character development and it was just as pointless. They have their five minutes of fame to reawaken Hibiki's senses through singing, but expect to be forgotten. Their only positive comment is referencing not being in an anime world when clearly we know they are.

With her senses back, she shouts out symphogear. I thought Chris would be dead or at least heavily damaged from her swan song. Tsubasa was bound to be alright, she has a stronger resolve and seems to have just disabled her symphogear through too much power exertion. Knowing everyone is alright, she has her resolve and seems to have a brighter symphogear along with Tsubasa and Chris.


I don't know how Hibiki will die, if I didn't know about her death, I wouldn't even think about it. My guess is she could use her swan song and go into a coma like Tsubasa and without a Miku spirit like Tsubasa has Kanade, it'll take longer for her to wake up. It seems like the last we've seen of berserk mode, but with Gungnir so close to her heart, that could also be the reason.

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Anonymous said... [reply]

I'm guessing Berserk Hibiki is all you wanted to see this episode and you joygasmd hard seeing her for more than 1 minute like the previous 2 times she appeared.

feal87 said... [reply]

Hibiki! Don't die please...:(

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