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Senki Zesshou Symphogear episode 9 discussion

Episode 8 discussion can be viewed here

Tsubasa continues remembering her time with Kanade. This time it is after Tsubasa got her license and she hummed to show her happiness. She wakes up from her check up in the hospital to be told she's fully healed. Welcome back to the battle Tsubasa.

Welcome back Tsubasa

Miku is officially part of the base now. Ryouko was going to tell a story of love, but somehow avoided going into any detail. We don't know anything and one of her stories certainly would be interesting.

Genjurou has gone to give food to Chris. He tastes it to prove it isn't poisoned, but she keeps her guard up all throughout the meeting. Her parents died and she was brought to Japan, but disappeared along the way. Fine would have picked her up at some point. After being disowned by Fine, it seems like it would be impossible for her to trust anyone again. After eating, she activates her symphogear and runs away.

Tsubasa, Miku and Hibki all go on a group date wearing some really cute clothes.  Tsubasa especially seems to have put some effort into what she chose to wear. The cap is important to hide her identity, we don't want fans ruining their date.

Miku, Hibiki and Tsubasa

They visit all the usual places you go on a date, the cinema, shopping and so on. I think the only way for the date to get better is if Chris had joined in too.

Trying on clothes
Singing with a popstar might be a nice dream, but in my case, I'll just realise how badly I sing. Hibiki and Miku both have music class so they should sing well and especially since Hibiki already sings with the symphogear.


Tsubasa has a concert in the same place where Kanade died. Before the concert, Tsubasa is offered to go sing overseas and during the concert, she agrees. Does this mean we won't be seeing anymore of Tsubasa? I hope not. Hibiki is unable to go because of noise attacks. She meets Chris who still doesn't realise which side she's on. The moment she was fighting the noise, she was on the Hibiki's side.

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ogmansblog said... [reply]

This was a lovely episode to showcase Tsubasa's recovery and how much Hibiki is improving in combat. We at least Chris is on the right track and hopefully will join the good guys soon enough.

Looks like there are hints of Ryoko supproting Hibiki x Miku. Huzzah!

Good for Commander Akuma to try and help Chris out...but being in the slave market for a while AND the whole disowned by Fine thing still has our lovable, confused, busty tweener a little shaky.

♥EcchiCatgirl♥ said... [reply]


Chris needs a hug. Hibiki is the only one she'll remotely trust.

ogmansblog said... [reply]

Well one of the two lovers will warm Chris' heart. She needs to regain joy in her life badly, which doesn't involve electricity or a nude mistress.

Rei said... [reply]

Is it any good? I watch only the episode one. I hate the fact that my favourite character died in the first episode. Is it a memorable one of a forgettable kind of anime?

♥EcchiCatgirl♥ said... [reply]


Episode 1 had that amazing ending, episode 2 didn't really follow it up, but we do get to see more of her berserk moments.

As for Kanade, she shows up in Tsubasa's mind, so she is dead as far as I know, but she lives on inside Tsubasa.

ogmansblog said... [reply]

@Rei: Let's put it this way Rei old bean, it's similar to BRS in terms of drama, but less insane and stressful. I assume you like yuri to a degree so that's no problem.

The action is good, the girls are hot, the romance is glorious and the plot is decent enough to not make your head hurt.

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