Monday, 30 April 2012

Shining Hearts: Shiawase no Pan episode 3 discussion

Episode 2 discussion can be viewed here

I'm sure all the girls are attracted to Rick and they would take their chance to be with him. Then again, in most harems they enter some sort of truce and leave it to the guy to decide. No matter how much Amil acts cold to him, she wants him, but for now there's the girl who washed ashore. Rick can empathise with the girl because they were in the same situation as both of them had memory loss as well.

Take your time ^_^
That jewel

Rick blows up the furnace which stops them from being able to make bread. Even worse, it costs more than they have to fix it. The dwarf seems important, or at least his creation does when it points to something in the sea. Finding whatever it is will substitute for money. The girls continue as normal giving out already made bread, but eventually they'll run out. As they run out, it will be worth more money. After all, everyone loves Rick's bread.

We're all blaming you

Pirate ships are spotted approaching the island and as a precaution, a black out order is issued. It's no fun to just go along with it so something has to ruin the blackout. Kaguya awakens with amnesia, but other than that, she's completely fine. At the worst possible timing, Kaguya's jewel starts shining showing the pirates the island. The moment the jewel had revealed their location, there was no point in killing her. I guess it's lucky the dwarf's creation destroys all the pirates also stopping the shine of the jewel.


Dwarf's creation

Going by the flashback and his armour, Rick was probably a knight or soldier and somehow found himself in a storm and got washed ashore. Hopefully there's some sinister plot in his back story whether it includes Kaguya or not. Thank the storm that you have three beautiful girls.

How many times does he wake up to this?

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Friday, 27 April 2012

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san episode 3 discussion

Episode 2 discussion can be viewed here

Nyaruko is wrong about Mahiru being M, the fork makes him S. And Nyaruko is just a lustful girl hoping to get into bed with Mahiro. Of course mentioning sibings meant Nyaruko's brother was going to show up, but who really cares about that when you have Nyaruko and Shantak to pet. I wouldn't mind petting both of them, but it's too bad animals is the limit for Mahiro.

I'd like to pet him
I'd like to pet her

Kuko transfers just as mysteriously as Nyaruko and in her entrance declares herself as Nyaruko's wife. Nyaruko is Mahiro's wife while Mahiro still has no interest. While enemies before, she's joined the same organisation as Nyaruko to get closer to her. Mahiru decides to work with Kuko as it means Nyaruko will forcibly be taken back to the planetary defence organisation. Too bad I prefer Nyaruko and Mahiru or I'd totally agree with Kuko and Nyaruko's relationship because they are both determined to make love. Mahiru just brings the best out of Nyaruko.

Nyaruko's wife transfers
Nyaruko should be less cruel

In the swimming pool, it's the perfect chance for Kuko and Nyaruko to get wet. I'll allow them to make love just as long as Nyaruko will always be Mahiru's, but he must also keep up the tsundere act. This way is perfect for everybody.

School swimsuits
It's getting hot in here

Everyone goes up to the roof to eat lunch and just as normal, the food is made from alien produce. This time we have eggs from Shantak to make up the food. I have to go with Kuko's cake just because sweet things are nicer but if Mahiru isn't eating Nyaruko's lunches and doesn't have his own or I wonder if he succumbs to hunger.

Give in to temptation
I want cake too
Cake is delicious

Nyaruko defeats her brother when he attacks, but is injured when Shantak fails to attack. I'd expect her to find out who the enemy was, but I guess taking Mahiru to the infirmary is more important. It's another chance for her to fail at getting Mahiru and get Kuko instead. I don't think Mahiru would help Kuko bind herself, so this means she has great skills in self bondage.

Nice present
In the end, her brother has a really petty reason for wanting to kill her. She's better than him or he just sucks. Even when transformed, he get blown away by Shantak transformed into a motorcycle. Now that's a humiliating defeat. Everything is done for the day and they return home only to receive a phone call alerting Mahiru his parents will be home soon. He's screwed unless he has some genius explanation.

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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Uchuu Kyoudai episode 4 discussion

Episode 3 discussion can be viewed here

Mutta and the other applicants watch a short clip of current NASA astronauts training for their mission to the moon. Zero gravity does look really fun and would take up the opportunity if possible. Though I'd prefer to leave Earth's gravity than to plummet dangerously. Mutta should really have been thinking about how others, like Serika, would be thinking about him and his brother. I'm sure anyone would be jealous of Hibito, but they obviously haven't met Serika.

Zero gravity
Serika is better

Interview two starts and both Kenji and Serika seem to have done really well. Even Mutta thinks he did well other than the English question. After all of them finish with their interview, they find their way to portraits of NASA members and vow to be on the same wall. Marking it won't guarantee that spot no matter how much you want it especially because you make more bubbles with shampoo.

The vision lacks validity

I can see Kenji and Serika easily getting through and I assume Mutta will too. Though there may be other paths to becoming an astronaut. To commemorate the long exam ending, a photograph is taken. Mutta has to make is awkward by making a kiss face and thinking of Serika.

Pink is a beautiful colour

With everything over, the best thing to do is to get drunk with new friends. If Mutta still had his phone, he'd be able to join in too. Adding insult to injury Serika goes ahead and continues to exchange information. Thanks to Kenji, he can mail Serika as soon as he gets a new phone. Oh and Kenji has a ring which means Mutta has no real competition. Nobodies and side characters don't count in anime romance.

I want her number
He's married? Hope to see the wife

Once Mutta has his new phone, he immediately gets a call. Assuming he kept his original number, it was always going to be his family or a wrong number and certainly not Serika. Hibito invites him to NASA to meet aome astronauts.

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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Filler episodes and Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail officially started airing filler episodes in the first week of April. I don't know how long it will last, but I know it will last a while to let the mangaka get further ahead with the manga. If we are lucky, we'll get the mangaka to write the stories as they will always have superior writing skills to anime studios.

There are two types of filler for a long running series, episodic and arcs. Both can be as bad as each other and are just there to fill time, but over all I would rather be watching a filler arc than filler episodes. Inserting them after an arc has finished should be the only way to have them, but in some cases the current manga arc is just too long like in Bleach.

With filler episodes you'll have 25 minutes which will probably not show any importance to the main storyline. They are usually comedy orientated and lack any kind of real plot. They aren't all bad because some of them are funny to watch, but piling them all up can start killing a series which can can long story arcs.

Filler arcs are different to episodes where they contain a plot and can actually try to make you think. As long as the story telling is done well, I don't mind them taking as many episodes as they want to finish. They may elaborate on current main or background characters and their back stories or introduce new disposable characters that will probably disappear after the arc has ended.

As Fairy Tail has avoided using filler and has gotten really close to the manga, I expect at least a years worth of filler episodes. The first few episodes have been episodic, but there will be a filler arc starting soon which focuses on Michelle and a mysterious item left by Lucy's father.

Shining Hearts: Shiawase no Pan episode 2 discussion

Episode 1 discussion can be viewed here

To prepare for the oncoming storm, Rick and the girls make bread to feed the islanders. It just means better business for the next day. In the first episode, Rick was made out to be a genius with his delicious bread, but it turns out that he makes simple mistakes. I'm starting to wonder if his bread is worth all that hype they made it to be. Producing false quality is another valuable skill, but in this case the bread is delicious.

Sleep is necessary for proper business management

The girls start spreading the message that there is a storm coming with the reliability of Madera backing them up. This is good for their business in two ways. One, their customers don't die and two, scare tactics will only prove to increase sales.

Airy, on her regular round, meets a young girl waiting for her mother. Her generosity grants the girl free bread and when Rick comes, she receives more. It's a great way to create more customers and get bonus fruit and vegetables after the storm subsides.

Target acquired
Bread man

It's strange Airy knows where the girl lives, but she must have her connections. The island is the sort of place where everybody knows everybody after all. After giving the third free piece of bread, this time in the shape of a person, she returns home to talk about the girl while Rick sleeps.

I wouldn't mind sleeping to this

Everyone came out unscathed except for the mystery girl who washed up on the island, but it's such a simple plot device to continue the story. Once she tastes the bread, she'll be hooked just like the elves Rana and Alvin.

Rana still loves bread
Plot device girl

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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san episode 2 discussion

Episode 1 discussion can be viewed here

After being targeted by so many demons, Nyaruko decides to take the fight to the one behind the whole thing after Mahiru's suggestion. Time is stopped and they go on a voyage to a theme park which just happens to be the base of their enemy.

I accept
Mahiru, just accept

Before entering the stronghold, Mahiru receives a mysterious box. He should accept an engagement ring happily, Nyaruko is cute and always willing to love. Nyaruko is attacked by Cthuko and sent to another dimension for a little private time. Cthuko has the upperhand and instead of killing Nyaruko, it becomes girl on girl action. I think this is a better show than what they have planned for Mahiru.

Now Nyaruko should accept

Nyaruko's "final" form is clearly powerful enough to win against Cthuko, but I want to know why she didn't use it straight off. She might call it irreversible, but clearly it isn't permanent. I can only guess she was holding back and the transformation isn't really her final form.

Super sentai

We find out Mahiru has been the target to appear in a  BL TV drama based on a shoujo manga. He'd earn more money from forbidden girl's love, Nyaruko x Cthuko. However, Mahiru is more suited to Nyaruko.

He's fallen for her, but now it's goodbye

She leaves him with a good goodbye only to ruin it by showing up again. She welcomes him with only herself as an option. I choose her and now Mahiru needs to as well.

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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Uchuu Kyoudai episode 3 discussion

Episode 2 discussion can be viewed here

The medical examinations continue but the first being a full body look over after he'd removed his clothes. I wonder what happened by him thinking of Serika... Even worse, deciding to save it for later is probably not in her best interests yet.

Mutta and Kenji have become really good friends really quickly.  Kenji started calling him Mu-kun in the previous episode with their first meeting, but I'd expect them to go by full first names with or without an honorific like how Mutta calls him Kenji.

The next tests are more about physical stress levels, running, arm strength and lung capacity. Mutta is average in everything except for lung capacity because of when he played the trumpet. Kenji Makabe is probably above average while Serika excels at pretty much everything she does because of being a doctor. It would be pretty hypocritical if a doctor wasn't in good shape. The guys in their twenties are better than Kenji, but I just hate their attitudes. Arrogance is never a good trait, but I guess small playful jabs aren't so bad.

The best of the best

When it comes to the lung capacity test, it becomes a one on one test between Mutta and Serika Itou. He was going so well until he got distracted by Serika. I can't really blame him, but he needs to put love second because he's needs to make it to space along with her.

Determination to be the best

The final part is about how Mutta and Serika want to look into a spacesuit and see how it would look if they were actually in the space suit.  It might seem like a good idea, but he needs to be closer to the spacesuit to really look like he's inside. He was caught trying by Serika and now they have a common interest.

The dream
Young Serika

The next day, she tries the same thing because she was reminded of her father, only to be caught by Mutta. Her embarrassment is cute, she should make more mistakes... but anyway, it's a fated encounter, I just hope Kenji doesn't get in the way of their romance.

Cute smile

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Monday, 16 April 2012

Shining Hearts: Shiawase no Pan episode 1 discussion

The story was so simplistic with just as generic characters to go along with it. One main male character with three girls. They make bread and make a reference to beasts so I expect them to go on an adventure. Give it a little time till he forgets his bread and starts using his magic hands on them. For now he will continue making the bread everyone knows and loves even if it means he's rudely awakened while they sleep.

Ok, waking up to this isn't so bad

Everyone in the local area knows about his bread and eagerly await the time they can get ahold of a loaf. The ones coming to the shops obviously pay, but it is nice for them to give bread away to orphans. Even the animals love the bread; we found our healing item. They know about beasts in the forest and yet still venture further into the forest.

Amil Manaflare
Airy Ardet
Neris Filiam

Even worse, they cross paths with an elf, Alvin. As expected, they don't seem to get along. He might be rude and have bad taste ignoring the bread, but his sister, Rana, is more willing to taste it for her hunger. And now she's hooked on his bread with a promise of freshly baked bread next time. In the end, the red moon is given a meaning for a large storm approaching the island. I blame magic instead of some random natural disaster.


I'll forgive the generic series for the extremely cute ending. Cute girls and bright colours have a brilliant way of selling things. I now have a craving for bread and cute girls.

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Friday, 13 April 2012

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san episode 1 discussion

I felt like watching the web anime first, which I loved the opening song and simplicity of the comedy. I guess the anime is just an upscaled version of the web anime and of course with a story, references and cuteness. I prefer the web anime's opening song, but I won't complain with what I have.

Mahiru Yasaka was targeted by demons for some sort of human trafficking. It just isn't seem realistic when they continue to chase him when there are so many other students to target. Nyaruko has done her research on him so it's going to be a more of a long term stay. So he's special in some way or maybe he's just extra tasty. She has come to Earth to protect him under the planetary defence organisation.

Mahiru Yasaka

The second demon shows up which shows her true character. A lovable excited character with Mahiru and sadistically brutal to the demons. She's entertaining in both instances and kept me watching throughout the episode.


Nyaruko transfers to his school to continue her close watch. It's not that he hates her, but more like inconvenienced by the demons and her. She did make an entertaining entrance and with clear violence shown to the rest of the class, his reputation should have been ruined or she's just crazy enough for no one to care. The class seems to think they would work well as a couple and even go as far as forcing him to eat her cooking and make their interest obvious.

Her true feelings
Fangirl squeal

I would eat her lunch

The third demon introduced her pet Shanta which is just a Charizard crossed with Aerodactyl. Yes there's even a pokémon reference to go with that. Though being so weak, he must just be a low level.

Brutally sadistic

The main thing I like about this anime is not the story, but more of the relationship between Mahiru and Nyaruko. I approve of their relationship even if Mahiru would never. I don't tire of referencing the real world because it makes me seem part of the anime, but trying to stab her with a fork may have been a bit too far. Violence is just once of his assets to keep her under control and yet it's normally the girl beating the guy.

I am so jealous of Mahiru

Even if it is just once, I'd like to see what her real form is like. A cute cthulhu is nice and all, but I want to see her real form. I can only guess a terrifying monster which is expected to eat humans not help them. For now, her cute antics will satisfy me and probably be an overdose.

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