Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Filler episodes and Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail officially started airing filler episodes in the first week of April. I don't know how long it will last, but I know it will last a while to let the mangaka get further ahead with the manga. If we are lucky, we'll get the mangaka to write the stories as they will always have superior writing skills to anime studios.

There are two types of filler for a long running series, episodic and arcs. Both can be as bad as each other and are just there to fill time, but over all I would rather be watching a filler arc than filler episodes. Inserting them after an arc has finished should be the only way to have them, but in some cases the current manga arc is just too long like in Bleach.

With filler episodes you'll have 25 minutes which will probably not show any importance to the main storyline. They are usually comedy orientated and lack any kind of real plot. They aren't all bad because some of them are funny to watch, but piling them all up can start killing a series which can can long story arcs.

Filler arcs are different to episodes where they contain a plot and can actually try to make you think. As long as the story telling is done well, I don't mind them taking as many episodes as they want to finish. They may elaborate on current main or background characters and their back stories or introduce new disposable characters that will probably disappear after the arc has ended.

As Fairy Tail has avoided using filler and has gotten really close to the manga, I expect at least a years worth of filler episodes. The first few episodes have been episodic, but there will be a filler arc starting soon which focuses on Michelle and a mysterious item left by Lucy's father.


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