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Haiyore! Nyaruko-san episode 3 discussion

Episode 2 discussion can be viewed here

Nyaruko is wrong about Mahiru being M, the fork makes him S. And Nyaruko is just a lustful girl hoping to get into bed with Mahiro. Of course mentioning sibings meant Nyaruko's brother was going to show up, but who really cares about that when you have Nyaruko and Shantak to pet. I wouldn't mind petting both of them, but it's too bad animals is the limit for Mahiro.

I'd like to pet him
I'd like to pet her

Kuko transfers just as mysteriously as Nyaruko and in her entrance declares herself as Nyaruko's wife. Nyaruko is Mahiro's wife while Mahiro still has no interest. While enemies before, she's joined the same organisation as Nyaruko to get closer to her. Mahiru decides to work with Kuko as it means Nyaruko will forcibly be taken back to the planetary defence organisation. Too bad I prefer Nyaruko and Mahiru or I'd totally agree with Kuko and Nyaruko's relationship because they are both determined to make love. Mahiru just brings the best out of Nyaruko.

Nyaruko's wife transfers
Nyaruko should be less cruel

In the swimming pool, it's the perfect chance for Kuko and Nyaruko to get wet. I'll allow them to make love just as long as Nyaruko will always be Mahiru's, but he must also keep up the tsundere act. This way is perfect for everybody.

School swimsuits
It's getting hot in here

Everyone goes up to the roof to eat lunch and just as normal, the food is made from alien produce. This time we have eggs from Shantak to make up the food. I have to go with Kuko's cake just because sweet things are nicer but if Mahiru isn't eating Nyaruko's lunches and doesn't have his own or I wonder if he succumbs to hunger.

Give in to temptation
I want cake too
Cake is delicious

Nyaruko defeats her brother when he attacks, but is injured when Shantak fails to attack. I'd expect her to find out who the enemy was, but I guess taking Mahiru to the infirmary is more important. It's another chance for her to fail at getting Mahiru and get Kuko instead. I don't think Mahiru would help Kuko bind herself, so this means she has great skills in self bondage.

Nice present
In the end, her brother has a really petty reason for wanting to kill her. She's better than him or he just sucks. Even when transformed, he get blown away by Shantak transformed into a motorcycle. Now that's a humiliating defeat. Everything is done for the day and they return home only to receive a phone call alerting Mahiru his parents will be home soon. He's screwed unless he has some genius explanation.

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Overlord-G said... [reply]

The one who brings out the best out of Nyaruko is Kuko. I.M. Boring just makes her a hyperactive dolt who likes a guy because the plot says so, while Kuko has a legitimate reason: Nyaruko's awesomeness (According to Kuko anyway).

feal87 said... [reply]

Can I get a present too? :Q___

♥EcchiCatgirl♥ said... [reply]

I'll accept all three of them together.

♥EcchiCatgirl♥ said... [reply]

Who wouldn't want that present.

Cely_belly said... [reply]

lol can't wait for ep 4. and you are so right...Mahiro is an S :)

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