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Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! episode 12 discussion

Episode 11 discussion can be viewed here

I thought they knew Hina didn't know about her parents. I assumed failing to tell her was enough to understand she didn't know. This was something they really wanted to avoid, but they had to tell her at some point. Not knowing how she would react made it even harder. Surprisingly she didn't overreact, instead she acts strong for everyone's benefit. I still think they are both alive because they haven't been confirmed dead and just because happy endings are nice.

Singing in the rain

Sora decides to follow Yuuta to her parent's grave where they meet their relatives. He makes it seem like he's giving the girls to the relative, but he made his decision to stay with the girls because he loves them. His only regret is being their guardian and not their father. This is his resolve to look after the girls and this is enough to convince his relatives. I still don't see any kind of financial help. Before they probably didn't help because he was rash and went against the family, but now they agree with his being one of the solutions.

Hina really wanted to show her parents her singing and Yuuta offers to go in their place, but replacing someone is never the answer. You can only be yourself. Back when Yuuta had a parents day, his sister visited as his whole family. It might be embarrassing, but at least he has all the love he will ever need and if he never experienced this, he would never have thought of the solution to Hina having no one to watch her sing.


Hina is loved by everyone which is perfect for Yuuta. He doesn't need to fill in for everyone like his sister, he just needs to bring everyone who loves Hina. Even Raika becomes his wife to help Hina.  She's a great mother figure to all three of them and an even better wife. Raika is an emotionless, cosplay fetishist and can fulfil any of his desires. Too bad this is the one and only time she will be his wife. Sora still has a chance so she won't have to worry.

I could watch Hina's performance many times and still not get bored. The first song was cute, but the second is even better. It's not surprising so many people came, I wouldn't miss a performance like this for the world.

All of them are so cute

Looks like he officially became their guardian or he's the official owner of the house. So instead of obvious financial help, he does get a house which means everyone is going to miss Hina. Most likely without rent, he can work less and focus on loving the girls and then work on his studies. His sister would be proud of his hard work.

A free house is worth a lot

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