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Shining Hearts: Shiawase no Pan episode 3 discussion

Episode 2 discussion can be viewed here

I'm sure all the girls are attracted to Rick and they would take their chance to be with him. Then again, in most harems they enter some sort of truce and leave it to the guy to decide. No matter how much Amil acts cold to him, she wants him, but for now there's the girl who washed ashore. Rick can empathise with the girl because they were in the same situation as both of them had memory loss as well.

Take your time ^_^
That jewel

Rick blows up the furnace which stops them from being able to make bread. Even worse, it costs more than they have to fix it. The dwarf seems important, or at least his creation does when it points to something in the sea. Finding whatever it is will substitute for money. The girls continue as normal giving out already made bread, but eventually they'll run out. As they run out, it will be worth more money. After all, everyone loves Rick's bread.

We're all blaming you

Pirate ships are spotted approaching the island and as a precaution, a black out order is issued. It's no fun to just go along with it so something has to ruin the blackout. Kaguya awakens with amnesia, but other than that, she's completely fine. At the worst possible timing, Kaguya's jewel starts shining showing the pirates the island. The moment the jewel had revealed their location, there was no point in killing her. I guess it's lucky the dwarf's creation destroys all the pirates also stopping the shine of the jewel.


Dwarf's creation

Going by the flashback and his armour, Rick was probably a knight or soldier and somehow found himself in a storm and got washed ashore. Hopefully there's some sinister plot in his back story whether it includes Kaguya or not. Thank the storm that you have three beautiful girls.

How many times does he wake up to this?

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