Monday, 2 April 2012

Uchuu Kyoudai episode 1 discussion

Two brothers, Hibito and Mutta Namba, are out recording nature when Hibito notices a UFO.  He rushes to his brother to share this amazing sight. At this moment, Hibito decides to be an astronaut and to go to the moon. Muto, being the older brother, believes he should be ahead and act as the goal for his younger brother brother so he decides to aim for Mars.

I knew it, aliens really do exist

Hibito becomes an astronaut and is really close to getting to the the moon, while Mutta is a little more Earth bound as a car manufacturer. Both of them  have achieved a lot in their lives, but only Hibito has followed his dream. Even worse, Mutta headbutted his boss for insulting his younger brother.

Hibito and NASA

Losing his job because of violence only makes getting a new job more difficult. You must work to live, but it really is difficult having such a bad record. It's not surprising he wants to keep his failure from his younger brother, especially when he wants to be the one ahead. He is reminded of the recordings he made in his childhood. He finds the one from the UFO incident and reignites his passion to become an astronaut. With his skills in car manufacturing, I can see him being able to design or build a rocket. However, to be like his brother, he will probably become the maintenance when they go to Mars.

Given the push by a real astronaut

Hibito has a smarter look to him, a clean haircut and his NASA uniform making him seem cleaner, while Mutta has curly hair and has some facial hair making him seem more messy. Not that outer appearances should reflect personalities, but in this case I'm not really surprised that the younger brother is ahead of the older brother.

Overall, the first episode is really well done. It's a slice of life where the guys are aiming for space. This is how a realistic slice of life should be done. In the next episode, he'll do some tests to become an official astronaut. I can't see him just being accepted because he has previous achievements.

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Shizuo said... [reply]

Damn, I have not watched it because Commie subs was making a April fool >_<

♥EcchiCatgirl♥ said... [reply]


I saw the version from HorribleSubs.

Shizuo said... [reply]

Yo, I'm back >_<

For the first series I watched this spring 2012, Space Brothers very interesting and unique. I loved the creator who put "Zidane" humor, it's really funny.

It seems next episode Mutta will meet someone special.

Rei said... [reply]

Didn't expect it to be this good but it's super awesome. Probably one of the most underestimate anime ever. haha. Glad i pick this up. It's probably one of the fresh and new concept of a show.

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