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Uchuu Kyoudai episode 2 discussion

Episode 1 discussion can be viewed here

As children, Hibito and Mutta had friends and family in high places. Or at least Sharon seemed high when Hibito and Mutta have easy access to a telescope. I'll assume this is after they saw the UFO and they are family or they became friends to enhance their experience in astronomy and space prior to completing their goal of becoming astronauts.

The first goal

We learnt a little more about Mutta in this episode. He has high goals even though they are impossible to accomplish. Trying to play every instrument at the same time was always going to be impossible, but it's always better to dream big. He chose the trumpet  because it's the hardest to play. I'm not exactly musically talented, but it's easy to understand why it would be hard to play and why playing it would show greater achievement.

Funny face

He starts doing general written tests and medical examinations to see whether he is fit to be an astronaut. After three weeks, he receives a letter to say he passed his tests and go onto the interview stage. In celebration he plays a  random tune on the trumpet which to him is the best way to release all of his happiness.

You can't hear music in space

All throughout the interview, Mutta was fixing his chair's loose screw. It suits him well to fix it if he's going to become the mechanic of the team, but the other two that fiddled with the screw seems like they would be regular astronauts. I guess it all depends on what objectives they are assigned. It is weird to test character on fixing a chair because they were distracted, but noticing the tiniest of details is an extremely strong skill to have. It's not like that guarantees a place, but it does improve their chances.

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Shizuo said... [reply]

Looks like I should be grateful to aunt Sharon. Because, Mutta became eager to reach his goals as an astronaut.

One more thing, Mutta's expression when he lost his cellphone looks very funny =)

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